D for Delicious Dave

Before going on my drink date my best friend Liz mentioned that I should just enjoy the ride for each of my hook ups. She advised me to let loose, do anything and everything, let it flow, don’t resist, and be a good hoe I know you ought to be! Hard to do when you are caught up with unwanted emotions…

So I welcomed Dave into my apartment. He quickly laid on my bed. I took off my “fuck me” boots very slowly and made him wait for a little bit. As he kissed me I was honestly thinking about Z; it’s the new year and I’m still hung up on this other guy! What the hell is wrong me?… The guys I’ve seen, kissed, dated, hooked up after Z were a blur to me.  Dave was the next guy right after Z and all I wanted him to do was to fuck me unconsciously to forget about my thoughts.

The first time his dick entered me I gasped in anticipation; he occupied my walls really well. The way he was pounding me I could not get enough of.  I liked the way his big hard member was in me.  I enjoyed sucking his lengthy, heavy cock although that night I did not give my all in the blow job department. I’m proud to say I give the best head west of Mississippi. I’m a fucking third degree black belt holder when it comes to going down on my man.  However, Dave only got a taste of my tricks because I was not in a giving mood.  I just wanted him to endlessly pummel me. He pulled me up by my hair and stood behind me. He gently entered me, then he thrusted vigorously; I was bent over on my bed receiving every single heave of his thick cock.  I cried in pure pleasure because he felt so good.  I knew he enjoyed dominating me; being possessed and owned by him turned me on… Each slap on my ass he gave me got me wet.  Then, without his knowledge, Dave fucked me in my favorite position, the “Erotic ‘V’”, although we were deprived of a table.  Dave was strong. He caught me by surprise when he lifted me up and carried me and spun me around.  Each time he uttered “Good Girl!” I became more eager to ride him like an obedient girl. I felt all of his generous extended cock hitting my uterus.  I relished in pleasure and pain. His desire of pleasing me and requesting how he could make me cum was commendable.  But I knew that Z was the only one that could provide my sought out climax.  Dave was amazing but my emotional state of mind was for another man that night.  I was upset with myself since I never let my mood get in the way with sex. Alternating all these men was enjoyable and thrilling in the beginning but I began to wonder if I was getting bored. Am I slowly developing feelings for one of them? This was not ideal.  Dave informed me that he was about to cum and I told him to release it.  I always loved looking at men’s O faces.

Dave remained for a while to talk. As I was listening to him I was still staring at his colossal penis. It was still openly exposed and it was distracting me.  I do love big cocks.  Dave would be a good contender for constant dick but as of now I may have to deal with cleaning up my rotation list.

See you in Paris…

-Kamilla Nicole


Dave Can Put Out My Fire

Everyone meet Dave, Dave is a Gemini. If you are not up to date with astrological signs, Gemini’s tend to have dual personalities… I’m pretty used to them since most of my best friends are Gemini’s. He lives in San Jose. Surprise, surprise… I always get matches with guys from San Jose. He currently is an EMT/firefighter.  The first tinder pic I saw of him was in his firefighter uniform. Right there and then I knew I wanted to fuck this guy! I have a weakness for firefighters! Two of the guys I used to date were also EMT’s so I naturally have a hero-dating complex.  I was feeling generous that day so I gave him my number.  He wanted to meet right away but I was going home for the holidays, plus it was finals week and I was also seeing two other guys. My schedule was extremely booked! There was no fucking way I could squeeze in this guy.  I find our texting pretty entertaining… Dave was very funny but he could sometimes come off as a dick. Now that I’ve actually met him, I think of him differently and I giggle at his comical jokes, more so because of his entertaining moments.

So it was date night! I stepped out of my apartment and there he was with his smug smile. I found him to be super cute… I do prefer him in glasses though. Sexy, nerd aura is a turn on but either way he was a definite cutie! But I did have one issue.. Not just about Dave but guys in general should dress up a little bit…. 35% of my dates are on point and dress well on our dates while the other percentage not so much.  Dave was wearing a hoodie, a v-neck shirt, and jeans.  It was way too casual for me.  Dress up mister!  You know when you are with me, I am always glammed up head to toe so I expect my partner to do the same.  Throw on a button up shirt or something! Anything is better than a regular t-shirt.

So as we were talking, I was not expecting that deep voice! It secretly gave me this tingly sensation through my spine and down my vag.  As we were walking to the bar, I was surprised to learn that he used to work at Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch. I could not contain my laughter because I definitely was not expecting that. He had this douche vibe about him that I kinda liked.   So guess where we went? Yup, that’s right! Tortilla Heights! Surprisingly, it was quite empty for a Thursday night. I then spotted the bartender I made out with a couple nights before… Whoops. (I took my cousin and her boyfriend to TH for a late happy hour a weekend ago and a generous bartender kept buying us drinks… After a little flirtation, he was nibbling my lips. Just a little lip action though.. Nothing more and nothing less.)  When I walked into the bar with Dave, Bartender Gabe had a surprised look on his face. I guess he forgot that I told him I would be coming in for date night when he texted me a few nights before. Gabe wanted me to work with him on his side job as a photographer which is why he originally texted me, no sexual undertones whatsoever.   Throughout the night it seemed like Mr. Bartender was mixing his drinks fairly close to us.  I decided to tell Dave I made out with the bartender. I added, “listen the night I did this Mr. Bartender was pouring us shots and shots and he looked cute and had that charm and so I said why the hell not!” Listen everyone, He was a good kisser, a biter I must add, and he was the fucking bartender! From the look of Dave’s face it seemed like he was judging me and thinking God this girl is a hoe! Haha but who knows… I enjoyed starting at his cute face while he was trying to watch this college football game against Oklahoma and Alabama. Aren’t you all proud of me?!  I remembered the teams that played! He said that he had a bet going and I asked how much? Dave’s bet was a dinner… Kinda weak if you ask me! Put on real money! A few drinks later he closed the tab and we headed out. Hey, I must add that this guy assumed he was coming up to my place already since he said, “let’s close the tab and head to your apartment?!” lol I literally laughed out loud but said, “okay!”

We walked and I held his arm… Remember I’m an arm holder! This man started to get a little touchy though, getting free feels… I think he got a good 4-5 rubs on my ass. So a streetlight away from my apartment he proceeded to kiss me. My God I loved the taste of his tongue and the soft caresses of his wet lips.  I knew that it was going to a be good night just from the way he kissed. We kissed again before entering my apartment. I did a little bite on his lips to let him know the treat he was about to get. I have realized that guys always let me walk up the stairs first (yes my fucking apartment does not have an elevator) to see up my dress or to stare at my ass! So instead I held his hand and walked with him by my side. Don’t judge me! It was cute! Little did he know I was praying that none of my neighbors would come out and see me with another guy! So my neighbors are big gossipers! They basically think I’m a high end escort. Many of you would get mad at the thought of being called that but I find it to be a  great compliment regarding my ego and looks. Like helloooo… You have to be gorgeous to be an escort! So thank you neighbors for thinking I’m an expensive hoe!

My experience or sex-perience with Dave has more than made up to the bad experiences I have gone through in my earlier Tinder sex-periences… My God this guy was a giver! He was so big! Length and Girth!!! Most of the guys only had one! Never had I had one that was both and this guy was not even black! My very own Latino lover whom had a huge cock! Thank you Dick Gods!!

To be continued…

-Kamilla Nicole

Mr. Z

Disclaimer: you guys I’m inlove.

A few days later, I finally ended my period! So let’s recap what happened… I saw Paris on a Wednesday, the following day had my date night with Jay, and now it is a Tuesday. I had a scheduled date night with Z. At this point, I was not excited for this date because I did not want to see anyone else. My mind and head were distracted by Jay this, Jay that. All I wanted was Jay!

As I was talking to my best friend, she mentioned not to cancel on this guy because perhaps I would have a good time with him and form a friendship. Little did I know, I was not prepared for what was to come. So Z works as an IT analyst for a very, very popular multi-billion dollar social media-networking site.  It took a while for him to invite me out on a date. Similar to Jay, I was Z’s first Tinder date.

I enjoyed talking with Z. He had me saved as “Kam the Sass Captain” on his phone.  As usual, I took him to Tortilla Heights. If you have been a loyal reader of my blog, Z would be the 4th guy I’ve taken at Tortilla Heights.  It is probably not a good idea to go there anymore but more on that later.  Anyway, before going on this date with him I have not talked to him for a few weeks but one of my friends wanted to know a little information about this super popular social media networking site so I messaged Z about it.  This is a perfect example of there are no such thing as accidents because if it wasn’t for my friend I would have never messaged him and in turn he would have not asked me out.  Z is Persian, God! I love pretty Persian boys. He is from Canada. Yes, a Canadian! (he does says eh alot) He was so sweet and easily opened up to me and told me a few things about his family. We also talked a whole bunch about astrology/horoscope but obviously no straight man is into that nor do they know much about it. Z is a Virgo, similar to two of my exes and my dad so I am super familiar with their temperaments, personality, and character. They are aggressive, super clean, and quiet but scary when they get mad.

During our date, he began planning other activities we could do and mentioned other places he wanted to take me to.  I told him I did not know how to ride a bike. He was a big cyclist and apparently rides his bicycle every morning for a workout.  Z volunteered, well more like forced himself, to teach me to ride one.  I declined! Hell fucking no was I going to let a boy teach me to ride a bike, embarrassing!  So, the night was ending and as they gave us the bill I did the whole reaching out thing with my card and this bastard actually fucking took it! So we fucking did halfsies! Right there and then I knew that there would be no 2nd date… I said to myself, “no, I will not go out with you anymore.” Fuck! Joke was on me because later that night I learned that I would want to keep seeing his little cheap-ass.

At this point I didn’t even remember who Jay was… Z asked if he could see my apartment since he didn’t think I would be clean and organized.  So once again I gave in too quickly but it was now too late and I just went with the flow.  We put on Netflix. It took him a while for him to make a move but when he did, he sure made it be known that I was in for a wild ride.  Z was a biter and I enjoy a little biting. It hurt so good! Unfortunately, that night I was feeling too sensitive to his touches and I found myself ready to scream my safe word, ‘poison’, every time he was about to bite me.  He teased me so well though. He knew how impatient I was and with every slow kiss that he gave me, I just wanted to hungrily kiss him in return.  He kept calling me Kams. Nobody calls me that except for my best friends… I am such sucker! He got me so hooked so quickly. Z was about to take off my pants, but I stopped him.. I didn’t want to have sex with Z that night because I knew I liked him but once again my vagina spoke louder than my brain so I was too weak to decline. I asked if he had a condom and he said, “of course, I always carry one.” Well isn’t he a little boy scout! His fingers first entered me to tease my famished soul. His rhythmic movement gave me my first orgasm of the night. Fuck I was so wet for him! I told him to fuck me now.  He obliged. Z pleased me with his soft kisses. I loved the line he told me that night “what am I going to do with you Kam?” I gasped for air. The stamina this man had was such a turn on. He was thrusting continuously for what felt like an hour but I did not care. I loved his dick sliding in and out of me vigorously. At this point I was soaking wet and his sweat dripping on me got me even hotter.  He laid beside me, kissing me and he wanted me to guide his finger in me, he played with my clit as he whispered “ahhh I found it.” As I was about to climax he got on top of me and fucked me once again.  A few minutes later, I asked if he wanted to go again. He was surprised because he thought he had wore me out. I’m a trooper and I can keep up! My sex drive and libido is above average, kids!  I told him, “let me take care of you first.” As I sucked on his dick, he pulled me up and kissed me.  He used one of the handy condoms my friend got me as a housewarming present. He was prepared and I was more than ready.  I can see it in his eyes how much he wanted to please me. Z teased me again, circling his dick around me clit, in and out gradually, then a deeper thrust. Where had you been all my life?! My body was grateful; he had me in a trance.  I could feel myself about to have a huge orgasm but I also had this feeling of wanting to pee.  If I had relaxed I knew I was going to squirt all over this guy and a golden shower was not an option for tonight. I pushed him off but he wouldn’t let go of me.  I said, “fuck Z you feel so good but I have to pee.” I knew he was about to cum too but I couldn’t hold it in any longer. His long dick was hitting my urethra so I ran to the bathroom. As I came back ready for what I feel like was round 5 it was already pass midnight.  It was time for Z to leave; he worked an early shift the next day.  Before he left I saw a sad look on his face. I asked him, “what’s wrong?” and he said, “I usually don’t do this on a first date.” I couldn’t resist and laughed at his face and replied “usually girls are the ones that say that Z.” He asked if I did this kind of thing. I shook my head and said, “of course not.” I was not about to tell this guy that this was my main objective.  Poor Z… I could tell he really liked me but sleeping with him on our first night out may have put a damper on our future courtship.  He kissed me goodbye. I still wish that this would not be my last memory of him.

-Kamilla Nicole

Pleasant Jay.

Jay is 29, from Pleasanton, and very handsome. Half Indian and half white and a Libra!  He works in finance for a huge health care company. He also moved to the bay from Thousand Oaks but he is not your typical LA boy. He seemed down-to-earth and well traveled. I was super impressed that he has been to the Philippines. Of course, I decided to meet up with him at Tortilla Heights although he wanted to go to Cellar instead. I was not in the mood to get super dolled up for him so I opted for my favorite go to place. He is the 3rd guy that I’ve taken to that bar and yes the workers, waitstaff, and bartenders all remember me but they know better than to ruin my dates so they all pretend that it is my first time being there!  They love me, I am giving them business!  Well, Jay is my dream man in terms of his physical looks, masculine, strong jaw, emphasis on his sexy Adam’s apple, indian (four day weddings hello), gorgeous green/hazel eyes, tall, dark, handsome, body built is big, and he definitely has a BIG hard on!! More on that later…

I truly enjoyed our date. I don’t know if I’m just a sucker but I totally fell for his handsome charm.  We teased each other and talked about what our ideal relationship would be. At the middle of our conversation, he kept complimenting me but I’m not sure if this was suppose to be an insult/compliment.  He asked me if anyone had told me that I look like Khloe Kardashian because I remind him so much of her. Usually this could go left or right. I think Khloe is gorgeous and I adore and love her but she isn’t everybody’s cup of tea so I asked him, “uhm thanks but is that suppose to be a compliment?” He replied, “I’ll leave it at that, but I’m into it because I feel like I’m with a Kardashian” He kept complimenting me about my physical attributes throughout the night.  First he said he liked my lips, my hair color and the style, how my make-up looked, and how my eyebrows were. He overall loved how everything complimented one another. Okay that is all great but I prefer for guys just to say “Kami, you are so gorgeous and beautiful.” Regardless, I did appreciate the specifics he liked about me.  It was now last call at the bar and of course he picked up the tab. Before heading out he kept telling me that I should meet his best friend, that my cousin should hang out with all of us, and that we should do a double date thing. Earlier that day he mentioned his best friend lived near me and his fetishes with Asian girls that looked like my cousin. Anyway, as we were heading out I asked him to hold my clutch and held onto his strong arms, ugh! We looked super adorable together! At that point, I won’t lie, I was a little too into this guy.  Throughout our texts and Tinder convos he was never sexual and was always a  gentleman so there was absolutely no freaky weirdo vibe I got off of him.  So he walked me to my apartment. I wasn’t going to invite him up as I was still on my period.

We stopped right at the gate. I said my goodbyes and told him that I was grateful for meeting him and taking me out and all of that. Then he went for it. His kiss wasn’t any type of kiss. His kiss sent wave shocks through my skin and down my vagina; I was instantly wet. Maybe because I was on my period, I got so hot and bothered, but I was quickly hot for him.  I loved his kisses! Soft, big, thick lips…  We pretty much gave a good show for all the pedestrians walking by the apartment complex and it’s a busy street. He then asked to walk me up to my apartment. Okay, so first mistake was letting him inside. I sometimes forget to play hard to get okay!  So I let him inside and he mentioned that my apartment reminded him of his own place. I asked if he wanted water and as I turned around to give him a bottle of water he was there looking down at me about to kiss me… I was weak in the knees at this point. God, he got me so good. I am not sure what about him I liked so much! As he was kissing me, I felt his tongue flicker around my mouth and his soft kisses on my lips. We both dropped our water and headed to my bed.  At this point, I knew nothing was going to happen because I had told him , “TOM (time of the month) is here.” I pushed him down on the bed and said, “let me take care of you.”  He took off his pants and his glistening thick member was already hard for me. The head of the shaft was generously fat enough to fill my tight pussy. I cursed the day of mother nature, “how could you be so cruel to me?!” I was sad that I would not be able to enjoy him inside of me so I opted to taste his delicious dick instead. Mmmhhh… His heavy, thick manhood touched the tip of my tongue. I then licked the girth of his head and easily deep throated his whole dick inside my mouth. He tasted so good. He loved watching my head go up and down on his cock. He played with my hair and tugged on it every time I sucked the tip of his dick.  He told me how much and how bad he wanted to fuck my pussy so I reminded him that I was bleeding but he didn’t give a shit and ordered me to get a towel so he can fuck me hard. His dominant attitude turned me on so I prepared myself for him. I took out my tampon, cleaned myself, and returned to him with just a towel.  He put on the condom like a soldier ready for battle. He kissed me with hunger and hurriedly entered me. I shrieked in excitement and pain. His fat cock more than filled me.  I loved his sex faces. I was eager to bite his shoulder. The way he pumped his dick in me was so hot that I wanted to ride him all night long. As I was midway enjoying him, he had to stop and get another condom. He was surprised because he thought I lied to him about being on my period.  I then asked if he wanted to try again; I could tell he was excited that I asked. My right leg was above his left shoulder. I loved the way he dominated me and pounded me so hard I screamed in pleasure. Unfortunately, my period just got into the way. He got over it because the condom couldn’t withstand my blood so after we cleaned ourselves off I then proceeded to go down on him. He is by far my favorite cock! I moaned in pleasure of tasting him, ‘cum for me baby.’ As he released, I sucked all his juices off him. The satisfied smile he gave me turned me on.

He stuck around for a while and asked when he would see me again. He also said that we should go clubbing and dancing together. If you know me, the only time I would go to a club again would be if I was really drunk and for a birthday celebration.  Still I was excited to see him again… We said our goodbyes and before he left he had to give me another compliment saying how much he liked my face and how I looked.  Of course I ate it all up… I’m a sucker for nice gestures, alright! Before he left he wanted to take a picture of us in front of my mirror but instead I took a picture of him and we said our goodbyes.  He kissed me goodbye with the aftertaste of himself.  He loved tasting his own juice right out of my lips.


We haven’t talked much. A few texts here and there after our date but nothing much… I’m a little sad about it but I am aware that there was no more challenge on his part… I will admit I was too easy during this situation especially since I actually really, really liked him.  Up to this day he was the only one and Mr. Z (later story) that I can truly say I liked and didn’t mind seeing again. Now every time the stupid Chris Brown ‘show me’ song comes on it reminds me of him and Kid Cudi’s ‘paranoid’.

But no time to fall in love so on to the next one… 😉

-Kamilla Nicole

Oh! Paris

My next guy’s name will be called Paris.

Paris stands at 5’9 and is from Dubai, he is also a Scorpio, and enjoys smoking hookah (just like all the other middle eastern guys I’ve been with), and is currently a student at a state college majoring in Finance and Banking operations. I must say  Paris looks extremely different in person from his photos;  he is really photogenic.  He looks  different in person but nonetheless he was still attractive.  I do still wish though that he looked more like his profile photos.  Paris was also one of the guys I called up after the Ronnie incident hahah… Listen when you are nutrient deficient you will go to lengths just to get some Vitamin D okay! So I called Paris, and he totally denied my call and then acted as if he didn’t know me.  I was annoyed so whatever on to the next I thought to myself… The next day he texted asking if I had called him. Apparently he was heavily medicated due to his fever and dental appointment earlier that day that he was knocked out cold… I then lecture him about not answering his phone when he was supposedly high off his meds! He felt bad and wanted to take me out to get coffee. I had to give it to this guy because before calling him for my hopeful potential booty call he was persistent in wanting to take me out. I always declined because I had never felt any type of connection with him.  Anyway, I decided to meet up with him in his place. No need to worry readers… His apartment is a college campus set-up and I’ve been in that area plenty of times. Same ordeal though; my best friends knew his information and all of that so no need to worry.  His place was cozy, clean, and very organized. We had a good conversation, he was actually quite entertaining. Next thing I knew, I found myself on top of him. I was heavily kissing him and I liked the feeling of his man-stache. I have a weakness for beards okay!  He is a great, great, great kisser. The strongest tongue I’ve wrestled with by far. My god this man was talented!  That night, we could only go up to 2nd base because I was on my period but that didn’t stop me from breastfeeding him. The way he sucked on my nipples and caressed and grabbed my breasts and ass was so hot. I knew he would be a good time in bed! It was getting late so it was time to head home. Good night Paris, I will soon ride up to see that Eiffel Tower.

On to the next man…

-Kamilla Nicole

Mixed Feelings

By the time Ronnie was gone, I had also stopped sexting Frankie. I then texted Michael at 2am hoping he would reply for a late night booty call. No such luck, so I slept in disappointment… However, the very next morning he replied back. I just ignored it but a few minutes later he called! I answered in disbelief! We talked for a bit and caught up to see what had been going on. He sounded worried about me because he kept asking if I needed something and asked how I was doing. Michael was always sweet but he definitely had his guard on after our little bloody accident.

The next day I also reached out to Anthony, my San Diego guy. This man has been ignoring me for quite sometime now and many of you might be saying, “okay, time to move on Kammie, NEXT!” However, it kinda turns me on when someone does not like me and  it makes me want them to talk to me more.  This also goes for other people. In general, I like the challenge of wanting  people to like me. All I could think about was the way Anthony passionately kissed me. He was VERY, VERY gifted and skillful with the movement of his tongue and he made sure that I was aware of it. I could still hear his manly growl on my ear, his warm breath on my neck, and his hard member caressing my inner thighs. He loved pulling my hair as he kissed me. I loved hearing his moan and the way he said my name got me instantly wet. He had strong arms. His big hands made a mark on my ass with every spank he laid. I was sore the next day and it was a good reminder of the fun times we had the night before.  On another night he took me to the beach. Our time together was intensely passionate. I felt this strong connection with him.  Kissing and cuddling underneath the moonlight stars was like a dream, a fantasy I never wanted to end.  Believe it or not Anthony and I never had sex. I withheld because I liked him. At that moment, I thought I could actually fall in love with this guy.  I can honestly say I miss Anthony but do I miss him or do I miss our sexual chemistry?  I’m not quite sure but it was a summer fling to remember.

Lesson learned: never go back to anything familiar because you will get stuck there and it will be harder to let go and move forward.

Well time for my next date….

-Kamilla Nicole

Frankie from Freakmont

So after an unsuccessful night with Ronnie, I received a text from Frankie just as I was kicking Ronnie out.
I was thrilled and my lady parts were beyond excited that Frankie texted.  This man was so good with his words; I couldn’t get enough.
He texted me this and I have no idea where he got it from but God bless his horny soul.
“God, what I have pictured is me pinning u up against a wall kissing and licking your neck and left ear… Feeling my warm breathe reflect off your skin. Watching your neck tingle as I give it a little bite. My hands exploring, running up and down your gorgeous body. Caressing, almost massaging your curves. My right hand is planted along your rift hip just above that firm ass… I can feel your body tense in pleasure. Then u begin to rub my hardening shaft with my pants on. Suddenly, I grab u and start to take off your shirt exposing those perfect tits and throw u down on the bed stratling u and begin to slowly grind my throbbing cock against your pussy. As you begin to moan I start to kiss on your neck and around your right boob using my left hand to massage the other through your bra. Pinching your nipple gently every now and then… From there I lift your back a bit off the bed and remove your bra while at the same time craving to suck on those nipples some more. Swirling my tongue around the tip, flicking it as fast as i can every now and then, massaging them deeply with my tongue. My warm spit covering them, lubing them. My hands can barely grasp them as I attempt to pinch them again. From there as your moans get louder, I start to kiss u on your stomach moving slowly toward your jeans. unbuttoning and unzipping them with my teeth. Then using my hands to remove them completely taking your panties off along with them. Now all I see is your tight glistneing pussy staring back at me so I start to kiss gently on your right inner thigh, while  massaging the left, pressing against it deeply moving closer and closer toward your wet pussy. Once I reach your pussy I start to lick it up and down splitting those pussy lips with my tongue then sliding it deep inside u taking it back out just to flick your clit as fast as I can, circling around it every now and then. Kissing and sucking on your clit, feeling your hand grabbing at my hair pulling it ever so slightly and pressing my face deeper into your soaking wet pussy… I can feel your body squirm your legs twitching and pressing along the sides of my head. At this point my dick is throbbing wanting to fuck u so I pull down my pants just enough for my dick to stick out. Once it’s out I begin to rub it against your tight, warm, juicy cunt moving it up and down rubbing it between your pussy lips and slapping the head of my cock against the tip of your clit. When u least expect it I slip it inside u and start to fuck u slowly rocking my hips back and forth intune with your movement. Sliding it in and out of u making u feel every inch of my hard throbbing cock. Whispering in your ear asking if u want me to fuck u harder. Then, my asks turn into wants… So I tell u to get up, turn around, and spread your legs because I want to fuck you from behind. That ass up high in the air. Pussy freshly spread by my big juicy dick. Begging to be filled. Once you’re on all fours….. Should I continue? ;)”
Since I don’t have a SnapChat he sent me a dick pic hahahaha you are very welcome Blogosphere! (I couldn’t post it for legal reasons sorry!)
That I must say is massively huge!  Wow!  From the very beginning he was always a good time. Even if we don’t get romantically involved I would love for him to be my friend, a best friend even. I find him super entertaining!  However, he may not see me since I mentioned about my blog. He thinks it is too intimidating and he is a little petrified.  So let’s see how this will go…
-Kamilla Nicole