Valentine’s Day.

Twas the night before the most dreadful day ever for a single woman.  I received a dinner date invitation from my Persian #3, we will call him Alex.  Alex moved to San Jose from Iran two years ago, he is 27, a student a state with a very strong and sexy persian accent.  I knew a little Farsi here and there because of one of the guys I dated before and from one of my girlfriends who would instantly translate for me.  So, since I am super single and had no plans besides watching The Good Wife on Hulu while eating my thai tea ice cream, I accepted his invitation.  We met up at Sa Baeng Thai restaurant down on Divisadero, one of my favorite thai restaurants in the city.  As we sat down on our reserved table he handed me a tiny red rose.  It was cute and sweet of him to do that.  A bouquet of roses wouldn’t have hurt also but I think it is a little too much considering it is our first date and it was also Valentine’s day.  Alex looked much younger in his pictures, but I prefer how he looks in person, he looks more masculine and brawny.  He has a full on beard, good-looking, 5’9, ideal but not my favorite.  He took initiative and ordered for the both of us, I really enjoy having the man be in control.   I would give our conversation a solid 7.  I teased him about sharing our dinner, I wasn’t that hungry and told him we could just share the soup and the pad thai.  He looked at me and hesitated, I asked him..”Oh are you not the sharing type?..” He then replied “I don’t know if you know this, but persians do not like to share.” “I beg to differ, the persian guys I’ve been with have been very kind and generous with me in ALL aspects even my friends,” I said.  As our menu orders were delivered on our table, Alex then grabbed my empty plates and his empty plates and gave it to the waiter.  I asked him what he was doing and he then put the big plate of pad thai in the middle of us and said. “You want to share, so we’re going to share.” I was surprised and laughed and he did as well.  I have never shared a meal let alone from one plate with someone, and this was happening on the first date.  Oh my goodness I was dying inside!  As we shared our first meal together again in one fucking plate, he told me more about his life and what he wanted to do.  I don’t open up much on these dates, I find that the guys talk more about themselves which is completely fine with me since I don’t expect much from them.  It is all for fun and games.

The bill came and he pulled out his card, I then teased him oh okay so you got this? I wanted to see what he would say but he said of course since he was a traditional man.  He asked if we could walk around the neighborhood for awhile since he knew I had to pick up my cousin later on that evening as well.  He held my hands as we strode off to the night underneath the starlight.  Just kidding we walked down SF’s busy neighborhood and bumped into everyone I knew, my pizza guy, my grocer, my bartender, and one of my friends. I told him I should be heading back to my car, he volunteered to walk me to where I parked.  Before saying goodbye, Alex leaned in and kissed me.  What was that? I asked, he said that he wanted to see me again and kiss me before the night was over.  I’m not sure if it is because I am having too much sex but I am not getting turned on these days!

We passionately kissed against my car during a busy hour, the streets were filled with cars and pedestrian.  Let me just say that we were also not toning down our little PDA, I think we got honked at every time a new car passes by and people were hollering at us as they walked by.  His left hand were wrapped around my neck while his other hand was underneath my dress, caressing my inner thighs. He slowly teased me with his tongue,  his kisses were gentle but powerful.  I could feel his hard member pressed on my hips as I swayed to my side.  His gentle lips pressed on my neck down to my chest.  He grabbed on my ass and pushed my lips wide open and circled his tongue around my mouth.  His mouth trickled down to my collar bone and down to my left nipple, I could feel his warmth breathe on my skin and his erect cock still pressing upon me. I instantly stopped the both of us before things could get any further.  I had to stop him because as much as it felt good having another man caress and kiss you, I was not getting turned on by him.  I could tell he wanted more, obviously he is a man.  However, not tonight.  So I said my goodbye, and drove off to the moonlight far far away from this Persian prince.



-Kamilla Nicole



..I think not, remember in my past posts I have noted that I do my due diligence in a little background check on my dates, and in people in general.  Well, I forgot how I stumbled upon Dave’s twitter account and I have known that he is friends with Jonny for some time now…but I was not aware that they actually talk.  They’ve had a few twitter exchanges today and unfortunately I can smell trouble from a mile away. can you say ‘uh-oh?!’  Word of warning, never date more than 3 guys from the same city.  My mistake.  shit.  Well the good news is I only hooked up with one of them and the other one didn’t get so lucky. Yikes!!  Good thing I won’t be seeing Jonny anytime soon or ever since we just do not match up well.  Too much of a good boy.

Wish me luck that they never talk about Tinder or compare notes or share informations ever!



I know I still owe you guys my Paris storyline.  It will be soon shared next week.  Thanks for understanding.


-Kamilla Nicole


Marcus is 9 months away from being 30, lucky for him he doesn’t look old at all.  Might I add, he is a Scorpio too.  From the first glance I would have not noticed him say if we were at a bar.  He was cute, really good looking but not my type, average height and size..I believe he was 5’9, size wise= the bod average he seems like a skater vibe but surprisingly his dick size is a little bit above average, it wasn’t small but it isn’t big…anyway, more on that later.

So he parked around the area and we walked together to Tortilla Heights. The place was hella busy for a thursday night..but then again it was the day before valentine’s day.  gag me by the way!

So. this guy is very, very interesting, apparently he believed in illuminati. He gave me full insight about it and it was really interesting! We talked about astrology, psychics, numerology, feng shui.  And! he used to be in the music industry, so Mr. Marcus was a music producer and all of that..I believe it since he did have the aura/vibe about him.  He was a good time, but I wasn’t sure what I thought of him.  He sure knew about ABC, always be closing.

He asked me what could be a reason of him not kissing me? I then replied “You haven’t made your move yet, you’re the guy.” Marcus then leaned over, the kiss was bland, no connection whatsoever it was like kissing a pillow.  He took off his pants and I gave him an old school junior high hand job, he grabbed my ass and pulled on my hair as we kiss.  At this point I was not feeling him, still I continued fooling around.  I know, it was a bad, bad call on my part.  I was still surprised on the size of his dick, I was expecting a very small penis.  I don’t know why hahahah.  But I was!  He then proceeded to take off all his clothes, he took my top off and nibbled on my neck and unhooked my bra and gently kissed around my nipples.  At this point I know I’m suppose to be aroused but I did not feel a thing!! I want to admit that I just wanted penetration from him but I was not turned on at all!  I was definitely faking, I fucking deserve an oscar for my performance last night.  As he was thrusting on top of me, I asked him to say sweet spanish nothings to me.  Marcus was then speaking in spanish, that got me a little wet, I had no idea what he was saying but it was definitely hot!  My body quivered while his cock was penetrating me and he was playing with my clit.  I moaned in delight, since it was a natural effect of it not because I was horny for him.  He flipped me over and entered me from the back, bravo the typical doggy style, I was literally bored I wanted it to be over by now.  As I screamed and moaned like an annoying whiney school girl, all I was thinking was just cum on me now.  Unfortunately his stamina was unwavering, I will give him extra points because it wasn’t that he sucked, we just did not have that sexual passion, that sexual chemistry I always had with the other guys, he did everything I usually would enjoy..he pulled on my hair and he stood up and fucked me as I laid with my legs were spread wide open as he entered me.  This was the first time tonight that I felt a little horny for him, I was then telling him to keep going, I screamed harder! harder! harder! but still was not feeling this guy.  I got on top of him, I could tell he was about to cum, so I rode him hard and fast I felt his whole dick in me as I bounced on him, “baby come for me.”  Finally, he released his load.  Thankfully he quickly got dressed and we said our goodbyes with a goodnight kiss.  He definitely will not be asked to come back for a call back. Audition is over for this week.  Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Fuck that.



-Kamilla Nicole


Jonny, he is one of the nicest guys I met through Tinder, it took us 3 months of talking and texting before our first date.  He is a Gemini and he lives in San Jose, he also works with the Oakland Raiders, I am not quite sure what he does there but one of my guy best friends joked that he might just be a water boy.  Anyway, Jonny is mild-mannered, polite, humble, and kind.  He is such a good boy, as he arrived, he was dressed impeccably! He wore a button-up shirt with a navy tie and a sweater over it.  He was looking GQ-ready.  It was pouring rain that friday night so as he got to my neighborhood I offered to drive us at Isobune, this sushi boat style restaurant in Japantown, one of my favorite spots in the city.  As we sat down, I was still coughing up a storm and joked to him to keep his distance since I was still extremely sick.  I could tell he wanted to kiss me but I still had a little cold, I learned alot about him, he treated his girlfriends well, he was in a fraternity during his college years, he gets along well with children.  Jonny was an ideal candidate to be my boyfriend but I believe he is too much of a good boy for me.  A bad boy always turns me on, besides when I offered to pay for my part of the meal, he accepted and took my card!  My thing has always been, if you can’t pay for my dinner as a date, then there won’t be a second date.  I knew right then this guy was not for me, I couldn’t even see us hooking up since he reminded me so much of of my good girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.  Jonny again is such a great guy, I think he would get along better with my friend Ana, he is surely her type.  He has a nice built, great ass, toned up/muscular, cute thing is that if I go on a date with a guy and I see him getting along better with one of my friends, I have no qualms in setting them up together.  It’s not like we fucked, because me and my girlfriends are definitely not teammates or team players, ‘we ain’t about that life.’ Apologies I had to say that, soooo..I’m about to set them up this coming weekend since Ana will be in SF and hopefully Jonny will be able to come up in the city.  Overall, it was a good experience meeting new people but Jonny was the second Tinder guy to do halfsies with me, and I just don’t like that.

I must note this, he is very clever when it comes to texting provocatively..I would not say we would sext because his sexting is very PG-13, but he is very witty and smart so I think Ana would enjoy his sharp mind more.











-Kamilla Nicole

Vitamin D

After a week long gap from my last drink date with Karl due to mother nature’s cock block, I decided to give him a call and to invite him over.  I had a flu the past three days and I was oddly feeling very, very sexually aroused since he was the next guy in my rotation, I said why the hell not?!

Welcome Karl and your immense, enormous, vast, colossal, monumental, large cock! Karl and I are extremely sexually compatible, but I am disappointed that our level of communication is significantly low.  While watching a movie at my apartment, the gap between us was pretty big, it was a tad bit awkward also, and listen I never ever feel awkward ever..except whenever I’m with him.  We would literally treat each other like strangers and act as if we don’t know each other.  Granted, we really don’t know personal information about each other but still, throughout our text messaging exchanges Karl has always been open with me, he tells me the sexually explicit things he wanted to do with me, what he did at work, how his day was, and even his personal issues and financial problems.  Sometimes I felt like I was his gf, not fun..but when we’re together in the same room it feels as if I’m with a different guy, it is beyond weird to me still.  So midway through the movie, that was the time when he finally made his move.  He tucked himself under my blanket and tugged at my hair and kissed me. mmmmmhhh..he had the softest lips.  Karl was very gentle kissing me but his tongue roamed my mouth like an eager school boy’s first french kiss.  He controlled my kisses with every pull of my hair, he nibbled on my neck and clutched on my ass.  I screamed poison midway; I just wanted to check if he remembered my safe word.  Having a safe word is very important especially when you know your partner is rough and aggressive.

Karl took no time and instantly buried his face between my legs, I was not expecting that and screamed in delight.  I am initially not a fan of cunnilingus.. I prefer dick penetration everytime.  However, to my surprise it was quite enjoyable, Karl sure knows how to work his sturdy tongue, I was in shock, my body was in shock, I was literally having involuntary body convulsion as he was going down on me.  I was quivering and trembling immensely.  My legs were so weak from his satisfaction, he used his arms to hold up my leg over his shoulder, his mouth on my pussy lips were rough and the pressure his tongue pressed on my clit was mind-blowingly amazing, I was having an epileptic seizure from the fucking pleasure this man was giving me.  It was a euphoric sensation, my legs, body were in rhythmic spasm.  It was fucking awesome!  Not only was he talented with his mouth, but God gave him a very generous gift, he was blessed with a thick ass girth of a cock. Mutherfucker had the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!  Oh-my-God! I am not going to lie and not say I was intimidated, first of I was scared of how big this was in real life, as he entered me I warned him to go slow.  He obliged and teased me with his great prick, Karl not only had a big cock but he also knew how to use it.  Many men lack the art form of a huge penis performance.  But not Karl, no..he was very good at using his tool.  The whole night my body was trembling in delight, I’m so tired I thought.  Fuck he needs to cum, but it was so painfully good I was blissfully enjoying his every hard thrust in me. I was so wet for him as I rode his dick, he flipped me over and each plunge of his massive cock I clawed my sharp nails deeper into his back and his arm.  I wanted to bite his shoulder in pleasure, instead I screamed.  I did not care how loud I was, his thick dick filled my tight pussy walls.  “FUCK!” was my favorite word of the night, each pleasure and desire I received I shouted as vulgar as I can.  He restrained my arms, I could not move as I was about to climax, my pussy was tightening up, my legs were trembling, my whole body was shaking..oh my..he felt incredible.  It was an amazing night.  As every guy I have been with they stayed for awhile to talk with was the same ambiance, awkward and distant…there was no emotional connection between us except when he was fucking me.  He left afterwards as he knows my number one rule, no sleepovers.  The next day he texted me, he asked me how he was in bed..why do guys always asks this?..I feel like this is an insecure question for men, even though he was amazing I would never admit to that, certainly not to him.  So, I sweetly answered. “I enjoyed it.” Indeed I did….

-Kamilla Nicole.

Blue Daze.

It’s been a dreadful couple of weeks, apologies for a week long absence, maybe even more.  I’ve been holding off writing my next entry about Paris because I know it would take at least three entry blogs to write about him. (I will be skipping his entry for now..)  We have a love-hate relationship as of this moment. I cannot even think about what to say about him, I absolutely loathe the fact that he is emotional and is soooooo sensitive.  So, give me a few more days to gather up my thoughts about him.  Tinder was put on pause this month because of school and work and personal issues that plagues me.  For now..I will leave you with my date night with Karl….

Karl is 33, a whole decade older than me yet he is still young at heart.  He used to play for a popular heavy metal band. YES! a music artist, hah hah. Here we go…never would I thought to give this guy a second rules are no dating filipinos, politicians, dj’s, pro-ball players, police officers, lawyers, and musicians.  Cops and lawyers can totally murder you and get away with it, so back to Karl.  I’ve gone out on a few dates with men 10+ years older than me but this guy definitely act likes he’s in his early twenties, quite not sure how to take that yet.  So as you know it I dread going dates now since I’ve been feeling kind of bored of this whole thing, and it is getting old but I decided to still go and have a drink with him.  We met up at Tortilla Heights, his vibe is very dark, he wore all-black and he is super talkative.  The whole night he talked about himself and told me a bunch of stories and they were pretty funny but he was also way too talkative for me.  So, he doesn’t drink, super surprised about that but he kept me entertained that night.  The evening was winding down and so he offered to walk me back to my apartment.  It was so very much wholesome guys! We hugged goodbye at my doorstep and at that point I felt like there was no connection, and so I didn’t invite him up or anything.  To my surprise he texted me as I opened the doors to my apartment, he basically texted me how much he wanted to fuck me.  uhm…?! question, what?! so we’ve been sexting before we met up, but for me it’s just a kick and part of the foreplay and honestly everytime I sext these guys I’m either at school or waiting in line for my tea at starbucks.  Maybe because of my past job as a phone sex operator, it would take a live action feel to get me wet.  So Karl proceeded to describe dirrty and scandalous things he would do to me.  I am a little curious about his dick art performance, this guy does have a massive cock!  The biggest dick I’ve had in awhile..or about to experience.  So as you read the text messages, yes I played hard to get.  I will be seeing Karl very stay tuned..











-Kamilla Nicole