Missed me?

Hello to my beautiful and lustful readers.  I have been absent for awhile and have not participated on any dates since Valentine’s Day because I was too well fed with the D.  Yes! that is right! I was having too much sex and nothing could turn me on…so I’ve decided to hold out for a while, it has been a good 2 1/2 weeks of good penetration.  Perhaps on my next rendezvous, my orgasm will be even more intense!

In all seriousness, I’ve been consumed with school..it’s finals season and as I attend a famed fashion school, I unfortunately have three weeks of finals; exams, projects, and presentations!  At the end of all of this I’m pretty sure I deserve a good thrust against the wall.  Fuck me here, Fuck me there, Fuck me like this..blah blah blah.  Every time I finish my homework all I envision is a massive firm cock about to enter me in pleasure.  ahhhh.  it feels like eternity since I felt a hard solid dick hitting my pretty face.

Since I have a fetish with latino lovers, I enjoy listening to them speak to me in Spanish and telling me sweet nothings.  I myself learned something dirty to say in spanish! “tu pito jugoso llema mi chocha apretadita’ which translates “your big juicy cock fills my tight pussy.”  Every thing sounds hot in a foreign language.  So I think it’ll be a while since my next date night.  But do not worry because I still sext with these side hoes and there are still a lot of things to share. 😉