One of my favorite guys to talk to is Zach who was originally from Libya,..and he now lives in Berkeley and works for a University as a software engineer and is my ultimately life saver during my final exams last quarter.  Anyway, I was struggling in one of my online classes, political history is not my best suit so I messaged him thinking he would just give me a few thoughts or opinions about the ‘Arab Spring’..but instead Zach, who I am extremely very thankful for practically answered my whole essay question for me.  I am beyond grateful for meeting an intellectual, smart, passionate, and kind guys through Tinder…they are not all like that but there is a good handful of guys I can easily turn to for help and Zach is one of them.  See! events like this shows the good side about this creepy dating app. lol.



-Kamilla Nicole


My very own Persian lord.

Let’s call my next persian lover R. R is 26, has his masters in electrical engineering or something along those lines, graduated from USC and his family is also from SoCal and currently works for a construction company in Walnut Creek.  We’ve talked for a month before actually meeting each other, I believe I cancelled on this guy numerous of times and I could tell he pretty much gave up on me.  Two weeks before my birthday I had a clear schedule and decided to reach out to him and ask him for drinks.  As you all know I have my first date routine, same restaurant/same bar.  He lives near me so we met near my neighborhood and walked together to Tortilla Heights.  He stands at 5’8, I was expecting him to be a little taller, but overall I liked his look.  Typical persian guy, and just how I enjoy them :]  R does not drink just like the last few guys I’ve been with, do guys not drink anymore?!  Anyway, he does smoke cigarettes, hookah, and weed.  I personally don’t care what the guys do and R is pretty fun to talk with.  As the night came to a close, he asked to walk me home so I obliged naturally.  I invited him up for a ‘nightcap’, okay, alright you may all be thinking that we banged that night.  However, you may all be proud to know that I indeed closed my legs, well kinda. I let him slip a little finger here and there and did a little middle school dry humping..it was a good time don’t judge!  I actually liked him, and from what I recall ‘Do not sleep with him on a first date/initial meeting’ if you want him to be around for a long haul.  I’m still not quite sure about that advice…so we just fooled around and I let him go home with blue balls. ;p


-Kamilla Nicole

Up for seconds..

Do we all remember Karl? My big latino lover?..well, my horny ass called him up a few weeks after valentines day to get my pussy filled by his grandiose.  The second time around was straight-up fucking, didn’t need to warm the oven it was literally little to no foreplay..just kissing and a little grabbing and there he enters his big cock inside of me filling me up like he did the first time.  My sexual appetite was in over drive that week, was not quite sure why.  However, I knew Karl was the only man that can fulFILL the job..His carnal tongue roamed my mouth and he rested his arms on my neck, I reminded him that not even the slightest chocking will be allowed.  My head was hanging from the foot of my mattress, my pelvic bones cracked from the spread of his hands.  His dick was so hard pushing against my upper walls.  15 minutes later..he warned me that he was about to cum but I wasn’t ready ..5 minutes later he couldn’t hold it and released his cum.  I pushed him off and went to the bathroom to clean up, he stayed for a while to do ‘small talk’ but I told him he can leave and there was no need for him to stay any longer.  Our sexual spark has rapidly diminished, the first time we had sex was nothing compared to what just happened 20 fucking minutes ago. .. A month later, he messaged me again. My theory is that he wants to hang out again, but quite honestly I am not feeling this guy anymore.  There are new meat in the horizon and similar to dick pics, dick vids are the new trend in sexting. ;}


-Kamilla Nicole