Persian Lord came and conquered.

R is back after Anthony flaked on me..thank goodness I have back-ups.  Ladies, word of advice make sure you always have someone as a back-up just incase your main man cancels on you.  Yes you have my full support of having sidepieces, in fact I suggest everyone to have 3-4 on your rotation..that has always been the motto since  moving up here, my rotation is always new and current and consist of a 1-2 month cycle, I do need to expand since all of them have been casual hook-up and I don’t usually steadily or consecutively date any of them.  That is just plain trouble I am telling you.

So I texted R to see if he wanted to come over, few minutes later he was on his way..I put on a movie on Netflix, as he caressed my hair and quickly kissed me.  I don’t know what it is with persian guys but they just know what to do with their lips and tongue, his kisses were aggressive yet gentle, generally speaking all of the persian guys that I’ve kissed had same similarities, and they are amazing! I high recommend all of you to makeout with a hot persian man.  Speaking of, he then took of his shirt, he was toned and muscular, R was not as tall as the others guy I’ve been with, nor was his dick can compare to other guy’s cock..but he sure knows how to finger his way to my pussy.  It is hard to make me climax, I’ve climaxed once with oral, and sometimes with dick penetration but for the most part, I love to get finger banged.  The way guys massage my clit and pussy just feels amazing, I can get finger fucked like this for hours..oh my.  He licked my nipples and roughly bit them. They hurt so good, I wanted him to both stop and continue as he sucked on my breast and bite on them.  Fuck. I wanted his dick in me, he teased me with his hard member..his two fingers circled around my clit and massaged around my pussy lips, he slipped his finger in me, he motion ‘the come hither’ movement, I bit my lips in ecstasy, I couldn’t take his teasing any longer, I told him to fuck me!  He turned me over and entered me from the back, he slapped my ass hard as he thrusted his dick..I screamed in blissful delight, each slap he made on my ass echoed around my apartment walls.  I love the sounds it made, slap me harder I commanded.  Shit! I love it when guys are rough with me. I laid down on my side and he slipped behind me in a spooning position, he lifted my right ass cheeks and entered his hard dick in my tight little pussy, mmmhh..he fucked me hard as we both laid down next to each other.  I looked back at him, kissing him, moaning with pleasure.  He came as he fucked me with my legs over his chiseled shoulder.


We were both out of breath laying next to one another, he extended his arm to hug me, he was another one that wants to cuddle..  His body was warm and I could feel his warm breath on my forehead…R and I laid quietly for a while, he caressed my back and grabbed my ass, he kissed me and I knew what this meant. He was ready for round two..He loves fucking me from the back..I turned around every so often to taste his soft lips, his fingers playing with my clit, he pulled out and began to finger me..he was on a mission, and tonight he wanted to me to cum, and to cum hard.  His fingers rubbed on my wet pussy for a long time, my body was quivering, the build up was so intense but I couldn’t orgasm, he hands and arms were to strong to defy them..I held on to his arm as he fingered me..I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew I couldn’t come but as my climax build up  intensified, so did my body stiffness..I don’t know why I couldn’t release and climax. However, R was patient and was a good lover, he is one of my favorite guys, and his dick is perfect .  He knew I did not do sleepovers, but I did let him stay longer than usual..he was a good company.


-Kamilla Nicole


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