The Uncircumcised.

Question, has any girl sucked an uncircumcised dick before?..

I want to hear your stories and experiences with them.  I was a little worried and grossed out about the thought of sucking off a dick with extra skin, but once this guy sent me those dick videos, I found them kind of hot..and I usually don’t share dick pics or dick vids with others but I did show this particular one to my gay best friend..listen I’ve never seen an uncircumcised dick in person so I don’t know how it looks, how it works, fuck I didn’t even know how I would react!  So my gay boyfriend Rodger said “oh he has a bun” I had to ask him what that meant, and he basically broke it down to me and said he has extra skin, a cover up, he is basically uncut.  Little fun facts I’ve learned, so at a flaccid state it is covered up, it’s like a little peek-a-boo, think of a pigs in a blanket, lol. bare with me..I am actually okay with it, I thought I would be petrified being near it but I was totally comfortable with it, is it weird that I liked playing with was kind of like play-doh hah hah lol. I am literally laughing as I write this blog.  Anyway, meet Edward..A future lawyer original from SoCal, Armenian, 26 years old and a Pisces and stands at 6’0.

This man is prompt and on time, 9 o’clock sharp he was at the bar, we met at O Izakaya lounge in Japantown, my new favorite go-to place.  Ordered my hot green tea as he ordered his whiskey, I love it when guys order whiskey or scotch.  He was a good time and funny to talk with, fast forward to my apartment, let’s be real I needed to get a great lay and there was no question I was going to fuck him that night.  Same routine, my move was to put on Netflix and pick the most romantic movie, so tonight we fucked to Ghost.. thanks Patrick Swayze.

I give his kissing skill a solid 5, but his foreplay skill a 10.  I find him enticing, and I was quite excited to see his dick, this is my very first uncircumcised penis!  I love having my firsts, so I hurriedly took of his pants and boxers and laid my lips around the tip of his cock. mmmhhh as I moaned, I circled his cock around my inner lips and licked his shaft with my wet tongue.  He asked to film it, I gave him my consent but only with my own phone.  I let him record for 30 seconds and told him to stop because the light was distracting.  I was ready for him to pound my pussy good, within minutes, with no warning..he came! At first I thought he wanted to soak his dick in me since I wasn’t feeling any penetration for a good 3 seconds then I realized he came too fast.  I felt terrible, maybe he was nervous or was just too excited so I said it’s happens.  We took a breather and watched a little bit of the movie..I noticed his cock was getting harder and I knew he was ready for round two.  This time his kisses were different, it got a whole lot better..he got on top of me and slid my legs on his slide..he kept my thong on and moved it to the side and slapped his dick on my pussy.  I was easily wet and his cock slid in me smoothly.  I thought this was going to be longer but lo and behold, he was ready to cum.  This time at least he told me he was about to cum..he couldn’t hold it longer so he came as fast as a speeding bullet.  He stayed for a while to watch the movie with me, I refused to cuddle and was ready to sleep so he was off to depart.  This was an encounter I rather forget..



-Kamilla Nicole


4 thoughts on “The Uncircumcised.

  1. Well that sounds like a fun time, too bad about how long it lasted 😛 On the uncircumcised dick note, I dated a guy for years with one. It was pretty good, the only downfall was we were both virgins at first so it actually hurt him to pull back the skin the first couple of times. So weird now that I think about it!

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