I must admit, it has been a few weeks since I’ve gone out on a  date, I haven’t been feeling well nor have I had any sexual appetite these past few weeks.  However, last night as I got home very late I received a call from Manny, half-italian and half- middle eastern man, aged 27 lives in Berkeley and super, super handsome.  His facial beard I just absolutely die for, he loves talking on the phone but this particular night I knew he was hungry for something else.  Not many people know, but I used to work as an adult telephone entertainer.  As we were speaking, I had to act innocent and not put on my professional tone of voice, but it was extremely hot that it made me miss that old job of mine.  Hearing manny’s voice and listening him say vulgar things to me revved up my sexual hunger for some good dick.  As he illustrates what his tongue, hands, and his dick will do to me; I couldn’t resist bringing out my handy toy.  As I climaxed, I enjoyed hearing his moan and heavy breathing, I more than loved hearing his growls the screams of my name.  If he is this enthusiastic as he is in bed, I am extremely excited to see him.  I was cleverly tricked into seeing him tonight, but for now I remain aching to be filled with his juicy meat.


-Kamilla Nicole