Penis visual guide.

“Wow! you have a huge cock!”, I excitedly screamed.   The massive girth of his cock was so unexpected.  My drive to Oakland was so worth it, standing at 6’5, persian, he got the bay area swag, holy shit I was very shocked.  I’ve encountered pretty big cocks in my day, but oh my god this one was in another level!

My girlfriends and I are not sister wives nor are we ever teammates in the dating field, but this time I would let ALL of my friends fuck this man.  I want them to experience the good, good dick that was inside of me that night.

Readers, let me try to describe his manhood to you, there are different sizes and shapes in the world, and I do not discriminate but I definitely appreciate a well-endowed man.  Especially the gentlemen that knows how to use it!  We have a churro which is basically thin from base to the tip, if a guy has a thin penis it’s best to keep your thighs close while he is penetrating you, it tightens up the vaginal canal which helps create more friction and creates more sensation.  Second, we have the cucumber which if your man has..mazel! congratulations! good for you! The firmer and harder they get the more I enjoy doggy with men with this shape of penis. Next, we have the pickled cucumber; smaller in size which we basically call the micropenis.  If you happen to be with one I sincerely send my well wishes and I hope your man knows how to eat pussy really well. I’ve been with two men that I was not as blessed as the other guys but I did enjoy sex with them because they knew how to really work the other mechanics.  This is proof that it should not solely be based in shape or size but as they say “it’s the motion of the ocean.”  These guys are well aware that they do not have a big cock, so they really master cunnilingus and for that I thank them.  My favorite position with this kind of dick is when he lifts my legs up, closed together and he stands over me.  The rocket is one shape that I have yet to experience, and one that I don’t think I’m excited for.  So, the rocket shape is thick on the base and it gets thinner as you move upward.  This puts in the whole meaning of just the tip.  I cannot personally give my opinion of how stimulation works with this kind of cock as I never experienced one, but from what I heard doggy style is a safe bet.  I love sausages, and my other favorite is the kielbasa.  A kielbasa is a cock that is short and stout.  What I love about this is that you can easily deep throat him and sex won’t ever be painful or uncomfortable.  He can easily slide it right in while filling up your pussy walls. My favorite position for this is cowgirl, riding this cock is pleasurable and easy. The banana! who doesn’t love a banana, this cock has a curve! It can easily hit your g-spot and I love getting dick pics from men with banana shaped cock.  It is visually pleasant to receive it.

So now Oakland daddy’s cock was the size and shape of an italian salami and that massive cock weighed heavy also! I warned him to enter me slowly, I was bent over the bed with my toes hitting the floor.  I had more control on my legs as I pumped my back against his dick.  He also spanked me each time his dick entered me.  I felt his thick cock squeeze between my pussy every damn time.  I was in an overwhelming bliss,  I was so horny when I arrived that a foreplay was not needed. My favorite thing he did was when he slapped dick around my pussy lips, and around my ass.  I also like it when he would rub the tip of his cock around my clit as if he was applying chapstick and the body of his cock against the entrance of my pussy.  I liked the sensation of his wide dick parting my throbbing labia. He flipped me over, laying on my back and entered me, I warned him to do it slowly and as his cock slid in my already wet pussy.  I dug my nails against his muscular arms and moaned in painful delight. He was ready to cum, kissing me and sucking on my nipples he let out a satisfying groan.  He fingered me in completion twice and I was ready to call it a night.