Hello everyone…

Welcome to my blog! I wanted to take the time to tell my readers a little bit about myself. I started blogging about a year ago after sometime of thinking if I should do this or not.  You will see my work signed as, Kamilla Nicole. A name I decided to take on to write this blog. The only fictitious thing you will find in my posts are the names. I have changed them to help keep my dates and myself some dignity. I have to warn you though that I am very detailed about my sexual experiences. If your into kinky things you have come to the right place. My Tinder experiences have been quite amazing and I just couldn’t keep this to myself. I had to share this with the world. Not all my posts will be about sex though. I will be talking about my personal feelings and interactions aside from just having doing the dirrty. I want to give girls wisdom and desire to accomplish great things in life. The dating phase that all girls go thru soon fades so I want to help everyone on keeping priorities regardless of what is going on in their life.

So who really is Kamilla Nicole? I am a girl that loves life. I spend my time doing the things I enjoy to do and being around those that love and support me unconditionally. I am independent and are beyond in love and obsessed with makeup. I also love wine, going out to Napa, fast cars, playing billiards, and shooting guns. Hahahah wasn’t expecting the last three were you? I’m a girly girl but I can also be a guys girl. I live my life to the fullest and I don’t plan on wasting any of it.

Once again welcome to my blog! Enjoy my posts. Please comment, follow, and recommend to other friends.

“What’s your safeword?”

My Profile:
I’m your mommy now.
Guilty Pleasure: Men
Weapon of Choice: My Vagina
Safe Word: Poison or Mercy
Favorite Position: Zombie, The Snail, and The Sphinx
Fetish: Being worshipped and fucked like a Goddess I am.
I want to be the last thing you touch and the first thing you taste.

-Kamilla Nicole


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