Penis visual guide.

“Wow! you have a huge cock!”, I excitedly screamed.   The massive girth of his cock was so unexpected.  My drive to Oakland was so worth it, standing at 6’5, persian, he got the bay area swag, holy shit I was very shocked.  I’ve encountered pretty big cocks in my day, but oh my god this one was in another level!

My girlfriends and I are not sister wives nor are we ever teammates in the dating field, but this time I would let ALL of my friends fuck this man.  I want them to experience the good, good dick that was inside of me that night.

Readers, let me try to describe his manhood to you, there are different sizes and shapes in the world, and I do not discriminate but I definitely appreciate a well-endowed man.  Especially the gentlemen that knows how to use it!  We have a churro which is basically thin from base to the tip, if a guy has a thin penis it’s best to keep your thighs close while he is penetrating you, it tightens up the vaginal canal which helps create more friction and creates more sensation.  Second, we have the cucumber which if your man has..mazel! congratulations! good for you! The firmer and harder they get the more I enjoy doggy with men with this shape of penis. Next, we have the pickled cucumber; smaller in size which we basically call the micropenis.  If you happen to be with one I sincerely send my well wishes and I hope your man knows how to eat pussy really well. I’ve been with two men that I was not as blessed as the other guys but I did enjoy sex with them because they knew how to really work the other mechanics.  This is proof that it should not solely be based in shape or size but as they say “it’s the motion of the ocean.”  These guys are well aware that they do not have a big cock, so they really master cunnilingus and for that I thank them.  My favorite position with this kind of dick is when he lifts my legs up, closed together and he stands over me.  The rocket is one shape that I have yet to experience, and one that I don’t think I’m excited for.  So, the rocket shape is thick on the base and it gets thinner as you move upward.  This puts in the whole meaning of just the tip.  I cannot personally give my opinion of how stimulation works with this kind of cock as I never experienced one, but from what I heard doggy style is a safe bet.  I love sausages, and my other favorite is the kielbasa.  A kielbasa is a cock that is short and stout.  What I love about this is that you can easily deep throat him and sex won’t ever be painful or uncomfortable.  He can easily slide it right in while filling up your pussy walls. My favorite position for this is cowgirl, riding this cock is pleasurable and easy. The banana! who doesn’t love a banana, this cock has a curve! It can easily hit your g-spot and I love getting dick pics from men with banana shaped cock.  It is visually pleasant to receive it.

So now Oakland daddy’s cock was the size and shape of an italian salami and that massive cock weighed heavy also! I warned him to enter me slowly, I was bent over the bed with my toes hitting the floor.  I had more control on my legs as I pumped my back against his dick.  He also spanked me each time his dick entered me.  I felt his thick cock squeeze between my pussy every damn time.  I was in an overwhelming bliss,  I was so horny when I arrived that a foreplay was not needed. My favorite thing he did was when he slapped dick around my pussy lips, and around my ass.  I also like it when he would rub the tip of his cock around my clit as if he was applying chapstick and the body of his cock against the entrance of my pussy.  I liked the sensation of his wide dick parting my throbbing labia. He flipped me over, laying on my back and entered me, I warned him to do it slowly and as his cock slid in my already wet pussy.  I dug my nails against his muscular arms and moaned in painful delight. He was ready to cum, kissing me and sucking on my nipples he let out a satisfying groan.  He fingered me in completion twice and I was ready to call it a night.






in my feelings..

It was a long drought after my messy break up with Luis and I’ve decided not to include my stories with him.  Reminiscing about that part of my life has been a little painful.  When I moved out of the city, I thought that moving in the middle of nowhere would be good for me, a time to clear my mind and be away from everyone but part of me definitely thought I was making a big mistake.  The night that I moved in, my slutty-self tindered my night away.  Swipe here, swipe there…and I matched with Luis.  It was very unexpected, we got along right away..we started seeing each other before the holidays then more often in the new year.  I was also in transition with a new job so my time was so limited.  He lived three towns over me so his drive was not that bad.  I think that he was the only guy that saw me without my make-up on, I was very bare and stripped down with him.  We scheduled our time together, seeing each other at least once a week, him sleeping over, cooking for me, fixing my things in my place.  I told him things I would never tell a guy, so typical.  I was fucking vulnerable with this man.  I even claimed him on my social media accounts, and I never post anything with my current beau.  Tears can easily run down my cheeks whenever I think of him or hear his name.  Things ended before his birthday while he was in Europe, before he left we had “the talk”.  We would text, call, and facetime while he was on vacation..I felt this odd feeling one weekend.  I asked him if he slept with someone, and with no hesitation he confirmed.  I won’t get into details about the aftermath, it was a long hurtful and confusing time.  At present time, we talk here and there, he reaches out to me randomly.  I chose not to see him after that and us talking without any sexual intention is better left as that.



I saw Anthony again 4 years later.

I’m reposting the post I made about Anthony years ago! and at the end of it I will indulge you on how our meeting happened 4 years later. lol.



I should really retire this name..

I’ve finally met the lurve of my life, okay granted we spent one whole magical evening together and it was my first time meeting him but I was instantly in lurve!  Looking back at it, I think I will leave it at that..We had the most amazing night and there is really no need to follow up on it or make a second date from it.  I shed a lot of tears from that date and evening.  I haven’t felt like this since Z..but this time I was vulnerable, I let my guard down and did a lot of things that I usually do not EVER do or condone.!

So meet Anthony, 28 an electrician in the city, he works at many construction sites and he lives in San Jose.  He literally looks like a latino wolverine, I was instantly attracted to him..he picked me up and immediately complimented me, telling me how beautiful I am..obviously I ate it all up, what girl doesn’t like to be fed their egos like this..he was quite good with his words.  On the way to our dinner he drove by Dolores Park, I mentioned that it was the only place in the city that I have not been to (fyi Dolores Park is where you basically go to smoke weed or do other drugs) and it is a big enough land to do anything tan he drove his car through the curb just so that I can see it and take a picture of the view, it was quite romantic…he also didn’t mind me adding himself on Instagram.   So Anthony took me to this Cuban Restaurant Cha Cha Cha in the Mission, there is also one on Haight but most people goes to this location..This date was one of the most amazing dates I’ve ever had.  He was fun I was literally wined and dined and that is my favorite thing ever!

This man earned his golden ticket, he invited himself up and I did not fight him for it, I showed him my apartment and we proceeded to fool around on my couch.  His strong arms manhandled me down and pinned my arms above my head and spread my legs rapidly.  My laced panties were drenched, he played with my clit while kissing my lips, his mouth matched with the rhythms of my tongue.  He guided my hand to his hard cock, I loved the way he tasted, as he was about to put his cock in me I stopped him! “First, I was thinking was he gonna put his cock in me without a condom?! and Secondly, I want to see him again I can’t fuck him on our first date, he won’t be around!” I resisted, instead we stopped and talked for a while..I don’t know what happened but we were suddenly both on my bed, I kept saying no and resisting his arms, he was too strong for me, I didn’t want to have sex with him..but his kisses were poison, I was too weak to decline, at last I grabbed a condom from my collection and as he entered his dick in me, he filled my pussy so well.  Anthony did not fuck me, he made love to me..omg from this time I knew I was in too deep and I need to gather myself because I am about to fall hard for this guy.  He thrusted every inch of his cock and was intensely looking into my eye, I felt bare, it was as if he was looking into my soul.  I closed my eyes, his sweat was dripping on my face and down my chest, our chemistry was intense and raw and carnal. I was enjoying it too much, I loved it too much.  He finally released his juices, I went to the bathroom first to clean up as I was about to sit up, he grabbed me and cuddled with me. “Here I go again! breaking my rules, no cuddling Kamilla!” We talked about his upbringing, his exes, his family, his future, and his dreams, my head was on top of his chest, I could hear his heart beating so fast…At this point, I am petrified. Am I developing feelings already? FUCK!..He stayed and sleptover, yes another rule I broke..I don’t usually do sleepovers but I let him stay the night.

As I turned around to my other side, he grabbed on to me and would not let go of me, we held hands throughout the night I could feel his dick touching my ass.  A few hours later I woke up, it was 2am..I tried to sneak off to the bathroom but he woke up and hugged me tightly, he leaned down to kiss me, oh my..I felt his prick harden..I could hear him say “Is this what you like Kam?” Oh my it is! I was so horny for him, I tried not to scream or make any sounds as he fucked my pussy so good, it was late I had to be silent.  I did one thing that I said I would never do..I had sex with him without a stupid, I am so stupid..I let my guard down, and I let him fuck me. But his dick was perfect for my pussy, he slid in his cock in and out, Anthony stroked my hair away from my face and kissed me, he was about to cum and pulled out his dick and released his warm juiced all over my stomach, his cum was warm and I lathered it around my body, he fingered me to cum, I can feel his own juices on his fingers as he penetrated me.  He was a gentle lover, he was my future boyfriend in my head..fuck I like him too much. Fuck. I do like him.

We slept through the night..he left early in the morning, we said our goodbye kisses..this was a good birthday present for myself, for the first time in my life I did not want this man to go. I held on longer. Don’t leave. I want you to stay.


-Kamilla Nicole.


Fast forward to present time 2k17.

My old job had me traveling alot, mostly to local areas.  My boss at the time fired the whole team at one of our location in Silicon Valley, she needed me to stay overnight and booked me a hotel in the area.  I finished closing early and had a little time to roam around, prior to this day Anthony has been reaching out to me the last 3 weeks.  He has been following me on snapchat, watching my snap, messaging me on snap and texting me too.  By the way he is also now a father, notice how I did not address him as daddy. lol.  Anthony is also in a relationship with the mother of his child, he says that they are in an open relationship.  At this point I was just having fun and being carefree so I was also very responsive with him.  The time that I was in town, he kept pressing on meeting with me so the curious side of me did want to see him and to catch up.  Thankfully, I always have my ratchet bag in my car in case of emergencies like this.  I put on black-laced shorts, a baggy sweater and platform and sally hansen-ed the fuck of my legs, did not shave my pussy because I knew I wasn’t going to fuck him.  Before I forget to mention this was also the same night Trump won the election. So, He picked me up with the same car he picked me up on 4 years ago, as I entered the car I gave him a hug.  I noticed that he looked a little older and a little more ran down.  He definitely looked like a dad.  I was worried that old feelings and excitement would cloud my judgement, but seeing him again gave me good closure that I didn’t think I needed.  I can honestly say that I dodged a bullet, I now understand when people say it is just not meant to be and he is just not yours.  The first time I saw him I thought I was inlove, my head was in cloud nine… I was so into him, now looking at him and hearing about his current life and his state of mind when I first met him, I am so glad that God and the sex gods made sure that we did not end up together.  He brought me to a local bar, and there we talked he kept his hands to himself most of the time, he had his palm at my back or my lap during the time we were together.  It was getting late and I still had to work the next day so I asked him to drive me back to the hotel, I definitely think he thought he was about to get laid.  He seemed very disappointed when I did not invite him back to my room, I wanted to just give him a small kiss on the cheek, but he grabbed my face and we just started to makeout.  I pulled away within a few seconds because I didn’t want to give him any idea, when I felt his fingers in between my legs that was my signal to pull away.  “Oh, so just like that huh?” he said. “Yes just like that tony, goodnight.” I responded.




3 years later.

Hello to my lustful and loyal readers, all 15 of you including my best friend and two fuckboys.  Nevertheless, I am back! There are so many things to catch up on the last three years! I was in a few relationships, two that ended very badly but I look at it as a learning experience. I’ve got sooo many stories to share and hopefully I will be able to upload at least one entry every week! I am currently in orange county for a while..looking for some great content and material to give to you guys! Also, exciting updates..saw Mr. Z, J, and Anthony #2.  I will spill the deets soon!




Irish sext

continuation from Ivan’s sexts.

“….Comments like that just feed my imagination.

It’s later in the year. I’m in SF. You’ve come over to meet me. The original intention was to meet in public for a drink, but I met you in the lobby and within a minute, had a finger slipped inside your pussy.

In the bedroom, there’s little foreplay. I take you by the wrist and drag you to the bed. I push you down, face first. You’re wearing a black skirt, tights, no panties.

You feel my hands at your tights. I roughly tear them so I can access to your pussy and ass.

You feel my weight and bulk over you. You’re scared as I put one hand on your right wrist, the other on your left. You’re pinned down and can barely move.

You feel me start to move my hips, and then you feel the head of my cock against your pussy lips. With one sharp movement, my cock is buried inside you. You feel me move to gain traction with my feet, feel me push forward. You don’t think I can get deeper, but I can.

Then, my weight on your wrists, you pinned down, I start to fuck you. Slowly at first, but then faster. Within a couple of minutes, I’m pounding you hard and you’re moaning, whimpering. I withdraw to the point of slipping out of you before whipping back in. You can almost feel my balls against your clit.

Suddenly, you feel my cock throb. You realise I’m about to cum…
You’re torn. You barely know me. You want to feel me cum, knowing it’ll tip you over the edge, knowing my throbbing cock pouring into you will set you off. But you’re not sure… My cumming inside you?

But I make the decision for you. I pull out. I flip you into your back and move quickly around you. In a couple of seconds, my tongue in on your clit, two fingers in your pussy, and my cock is in your mouth, deep. A few hard pounding strokes with my fingers and you’re about to orgasm. As you do, you feel me push my cock forward, deep into your mouth. “Don’t even move…” I growl, and as you come, you feel my cock release, my cum pulsing out of me into your mouth, down your throat. You swallow once, twice, and still there’s more. But you know to be my good little girl, you can’t move, can’t gag – even with me still finger-fucking you through your orgasm. With a final pulse, I’m done. And you know that you are my little fuck toy, mine to do whatever I want with.”


Sexting game this week.  I more than enjoy my fair share of naughty sexting, the dirtier the better…this one is tamer, more gentle.

Khalil’s story.


“I would start with slowly running my fingers up the back of your thigh
You groan softly as you feel me kiss your shoulder
My hand goes up your stomach
Fingers trace the skin under your nipple
I feel your breath leave you and your heart beat faster
You scratch your nails against the front of my thigh
Push back against me
Your naked skin presses against me
Your body feels how hard I am
My hungry mouth kisses your neck
You push back again
I grab your thigh and push my hips into you
I feel how wet you are
Your hands reach back and grab the back of my neck
You feel how hard I am as a slowly rub against your lips
Feeling how wet your getting every time my hips dig into yours
You grab my hands and lay on your stomach
I climb ontop of you
Kiss you neck
Slowly kiss you ear
Your nails dig into my forearms
You press into me again
I push into you
Feeling how wet
How warm you are
As I push as deep as I can inside
You gasp
And yak my hand
Bite me
I grunt
Grab yohr shoulder
And start slowly getting deeper and deeper every time I push in
Your legs shake
I grab your legs and spread them
Push inside and just hold it in as deep as I can
You start rocking back against me
You squeeze your body and I can feel you getting tighter and tighter
The sensation drives me wild
I grab your hair
Turn and kiss your lips hard
I turn you over forcefully
You gasp
I grab your legs
Put them against my chest
Put myself inside you
Grab your shoulders and start fucking you hard
Your groan with excitement with each thrust
You start rubbing your pussy as I fuck you harder and harder
Your dig into my chest with your other hand
Your body tightens against mine
You rub your pussy like crazy
Push against me as hard as you can
Get as stiff against me as possible
I grab you by your hips
I feel your body give way as you come
You grab my throat
Look at me and say “fuck me”
I pick my pace and feel a sensation come over me
I push for the final time
Pull out just in time
You grab my dick and rub it just as I come
I come like crazy
Some gets on your nipple
You look at me
Take your finger
Wipe it off your nipple and then taste your finger
I collapse on top of you
Kiss you like I’m never going to feel this way again
Our skins melt into each other as I lay on top of you.
Our breath slowly returning to normal”


-Kamilla Nicole