Irish sext

continuation from Ivan’s sexts.

“….Comments like that just feed my imagination.

It’s later in the year. I’m in SF. You’ve come over to meet me. The original intention was to meet in public for a drink, but I met you in the lobby and within a minute, had a finger slipped inside your pussy.

In the bedroom, there’s little foreplay. I take you by the wrist and drag you to the bed. I push you down, face first. You’re wearing a black skirt, tights, no panties.

You feel my hands at your tights. I roughly tear them so I can access to your pussy and ass.

You feel my weight and bulk over you. You’re scared as I put one hand on your right wrist, the other on your left. You’re pinned down and can barely move.

You feel me start to move my hips, and then you feel the head of my cock against your pussy lips. With one sharp movement, my cock is buried inside you. You feel me move to gain traction with my feet, feel me push forward. You don’t think I can get deeper, but I can.

Then, my weight on your wrists, you pinned down, I start to fuck you. Slowly at first, but then faster. Within a couple of minutes, I’m pounding you hard and you’re moaning, whimpering. I withdraw to the point of slipping out of you before whipping back in. You can almost feel my balls against your clit.

Suddenly, you feel my cock throb. You realise I’m about to cum…
You’re torn. You barely know me. You want to feel me cum, knowing it’ll tip you over the edge, knowing my throbbing cock pouring into you will set you off. But you’re not sure… My cumming inside you?

But I make the decision for you. I pull out. I flip you into your back and move quickly around you. In a couple of seconds, my tongue in on your clit, two fingers in your pussy, and my cock is in your mouth, deep. A few hard pounding strokes with my fingers and you’re about to orgasm. As you do, you feel me push my cock forward, deep into your mouth. “Don’t even move…” I growl, and as you come, you feel my cock release, my cum pulsing out of me into your mouth, down your throat. You swallow once, twice, and still there’s more. But you know to be my good little girl, you can’t move, can’t gag – even with me still finger-fucking you through your orgasm. With a final pulse, I’m done. And you know that you are my little fuck toy, mine to do whatever I want with.”



Sexting game this week.  I more than enjoy my fair share of naughty sexting, the dirtier the better…this one is tamer, more gentle.

Khalil’s story.


“I would start with slowly running my fingers up the back of your thigh
You groan softly as you feel me kiss your shoulder
My hand goes up your stomach
Fingers trace the skin under your nipple
I feel your breath leave you and your heart beat faster
You scratch your nails against the front of my thigh
Push back against me
Your naked skin presses against me
Your body feels how hard I am
My hungry mouth kisses your neck
You push back again
I grab your thigh and push my hips into you
I feel how wet you are
Your hands reach back and grab the back of my neck
You feel how hard I am as a slowly rub against your lips
Feeling how wet your getting every time my hips dig into yours
You grab my hands and lay on your stomach
I climb ontop of you
Kiss you neck
Slowly kiss you ear
Your nails dig into my forearms
You press into me again
I push into you
Feeling how wet
How warm you are
As I push as deep as I can inside
You gasp
And yak my hand
Bite me
I grunt
Grab yohr shoulder
And start slowly getting deeper and deeper every time I push in
Your legs shake
I grab your legs and spread them
Push inside and just hold it in as deep as I can
You start rocking back against me
You squeeze your body and I can feel you getting tighter and tighter
The sensation drives me wild
I grab your hair
Turn and kiss your lips hard
I turn you over forcefully
You gasp
I grab your legs
Put them against my chest
Put myself inside you
Grab your shoulders and start fucking you hard
Your groan with excitement with each thrust
You start rubbing your pussy as I fuck you harder and harder
Your dig into my chest with your other hand
Your body tightens against mine
You rub your pussy like crazy
Push against me as hard as you can
Get as stiff against me as possible
I grab you by your hips
I feel your body give way as you come
You grab my throat
Look at me and say “fuck me”
I pick my pace and feel a sensation come over me
I push for the final time
Pull out just in time
You grab my dick and rub it just as I come
I come like crazy
Some gets on your nipple
You look at me
Take your finger
Wipe it off your nipple and then taste your finger
I collapse on top of you
Kiss you like I’m never going to feel this way again
Our skins melt into each other as I lay on top of you.
Our breath slowly returning to normal”


-Kamilla Nicole

Ireland Ivan.

It’s common knowledge how much I enjoy a good sexter..

Ivan was a very good distraction while I take my study break.

“Mmm, good girl.
Say I do work hard.

you staying over in the hotel I’m in, for work. Of us falling asleep, wrapped around each other, after I’ve gone down on you for hours.

Waking in the early hours… Two, three am. You’re lying on your left, back to me. I cuddle in against you. You push back, initially for the warmth. Then you feel my cock, half-erect, lying against your ass. Half-asleep, you move a little. I stir. It stirs. Growing harder. You feel my lips on your neck, kissing at first, then little nips. You moan.

I start to kiss down your back, inch by inch. Then, in one movement, I push you into your front. My kisses edge downwards, to those ass cheeks. You feel my hands push your legs a little apart, and my tongue steal in between them.

Soft licks at first, so you get wet for me. Then longer, slower licks. Deep, my tongue pushing your pussy lips apart and inching inside you.

I pull back, slap your arse hard. The sound rings out. Before the pain can even register, my tongue is inside you again.
I continue to lick, but slip one finger from my right hand inside you. My finger slowly probes and moves in you, while my tongue slips between your pussy and your clit. Even though you’re face down, I’m managing enough pressure on your clit to leave you more soaked.

You feel me pull back, tongue and finger gone. In the near dark, you try to turn around, but my hand pushes you back down. Then, you feel me move on top of you, feel the tip of my cock rub against the outside of your pussy.

I owed you more of that story from last night, I believe.

Picking up where I left off…

I push forward, burying every inch in your wet pussy. Just when you think it’s in deep enough, I push a little more. Another quarter inch. And then, my cock inside you, my weight on you, I start to move. To fuck you, very slowly.

We’re in the dark, you’re face down. Your arms are out to the sides, my hands on your wrists, holding you in place. I’m doing all the work, on top, grinding into that wet pussy. All you can do is move your hips and ass a little.

I start to move faster and up the pace. What was slow and deep now becomes hard and deep. I vary the pace, slow to fast and back again. You’re so soaked, it’s so easy to fuck you. I speed up, and you start to orgasm, coming for me. Your tightening pussy sets me off, and you feel me come inside you, my throbbing cock causing your final orgasm.

Oh, I will. The index and middle fingers of my right hand at first. Alternating slow deep movements and hard finger fucking. We’ll need you wet enough to soak my fingers. I’ll lick them clean – with you – and then, with you pushed against the wall, I’ll replace my fingers with my tongue.

I’ll have you bend over and push your ass out for me so I can get my tongue in deep. And, if you’re not adverse to it, I’ll alternate my tongue between your soaked pussy and your ass.

For your pussy, we’ll start with my lips and tongue playing very gently on the outside, teasing. I’ll flick my tongue just inside and back out until you’re soaked completely. Then, I’ll push forward and have you push back, get the meat of my tongue inside you, inch by inch. Once inside, I’ll move my tongue slowly in circles. We’ll mx that up with withdrawing my tongue completely from inside you, and playing it over your pussy lips.

The ass we’ll treat differently. At first, it’ll be the tip of my tongue across your tight little asshole. We’ll make sure there’s enough spit to force it open a little, and from there, I’ll push forward and get two, two and a half inches of my tongue into that ass. Rather than circles, I’ll withdraw it before pushing forward again.

Your tongue-ass-fucking will also have two, maybe three fingers in that pussy.
Gladly. Sliding my cock into that tight pussy from behind as I bite down on your neck and shoulders. With each inch pushed in, I’ll bite a little harder.

I want to make sure that when I leave SF, and you, you’re left craving for me to come back.

And you can imagine my words whispered in an Irish accent into your ear, as my cock is deep inside you, pushing against the walls of your soaked pussy.
Standing in my hotel room. Dressed in a short black dress. Up against one of the walls, we’ll have that skirt pushed up, panties peeled off.

My cock buried in that pussy, you pushing back for every extra half inch.

My left hand has peeled your left breast out of your dress, bra pulled down, fingers hardening that nipple.

My right hand is down between your legs, slowly circling your clit as my cock pushes in and out.

You head is turned back and I’m alternating between deep kisses and biting on your right shoulder and right side of your neck.”


-Kamilla Nicole


I must admit, it has been a few weeks since I’ve gone out on a  date, I haven’t been feeling well nor have I had any sexual appetite these past few weeks.  However, last night as I got home very late I received a call from Manny, half-italian and half- middle eastern man, aged 27 lives in Berkeley and super, super handsome.  His facial beard I just absolutely die for, he loves talking on the phone but this particular night I knew he was hungry for something else.  Not many people know, but I used to work as an adult telephone entertainer.  As we were speaking, I had to act innocent and not put on my professional tone of voice, but it was extremely hot that it made me miss that old job of mine.  Hearing manny’s voice and listening him say vulgar things to me revved up my sexual hunger for some good dick.  As he illustrates what his tongue, hands, and his dick will do to me; I couldn’t resist bringing out my handy toy.  As I climaxed, I enjoyed hearing his moan and heavy breathing, I more than loved hearing his growls the screams of my name.  If he is this enthusiastic as he is in bed, I am extremely excited to see him.  I was cleverly tricked into seeing him tonight, but for now I remain aching to be filled with his juicy meat.


-Kamilla Nicole

Lucky number 20.

So I went on my lucky date number 20! My 20th man is super awesome, cool, laid-back, the chillest guy I’ve ever met. Let’s call him Tony, because his real name is one of the fake names I’ve given on my blog. hah!  He is 33 years old, lives in Miami and works as a Chef and he owns a small catering business, totally legit he sent me his website and information first hand.  I usually don’t go on dates the first few days we talk, I give it at least 3 weeks to at least a month, but since he was only visiting for a week, I decided to go out with him. I was having second thoughts, I wasn’t sure if he looked cute or not from his photos.  I literally had to send his profile to five different people to decide, whenever I’m on my period my judgement is a little off so I needed a bunch of second opinions, and thankfully I’m surrounded with the most judgmental girls ever.  Alongside I haven’t been on a date in two weeks, and a real date in over a month, but after talking to my best friend and her pushing me to go out since I have nothing else better to do…so I fucking went, I volunteered to get him since he was just visiting, thankfully he looked so much better in his pictures, the photos made him look older but in person he was very charming and he reminded me of my best friend’s boyfriend.  Typical latin papi, machismo, and I bet he probably has a juicy chorizo.  He wanted to eat italian food, but the only places I knew was around North Beach/Russian hill area and parking is a bitch and I’m not down for that cause.  So I told him about this Cuban Restaurant Cha Cha Cha and he was excited to go.  As usual, I ordered my tea since I’m still not drinking!  First time I was at Cha Cha Cha was with Anthony #2, there’s too many guys named Anthony in my life.  Anyway, I did not let those fond memories cloud my date with Tony. Our conversations I would give a solid 7, it wasn’t terrible but it didn’t flow like the my other guys.  Tony is super chill though and slightly funny.  He is a bit of a hot mess, I could tell that he was a heavy drinker and enjoys going to strip clubs a little too much.  I even told him which strip club to go in the city, lol Centerfolds was pretty fun, me and a group of 7 girls plus my friend’s boyfriend all went for new years eve back in 2009, lol. I can’t even tell you the ratchetry that went on that night.  So back to my date, he asked if I wanted to hit up a bar, I wasn’t feeling it already and was ready to go home but he mentioned that his family was going to take him around the city since he wanted to see Lombard St. too, so I told him that I can drive was pretty cool to see him super excited and everyone knows I’m bad with directions so I feel super proud of myself that I was able to be a little tour guide for the night. Lol don’t judge me, this is very rare!  The night was winding down and it was time for us to go our separate ways, I dropped him off at the hotel, I stayed in my car and gave a friendly hug.  He wanted to hang out again the next day, but since I knew he was leaving Sunday I lied and told him that I won’t be free until Sunday.   He was cool to hang out with for one night but not two nights in a row, besides at least like this I made a new friend, especially one that lives in Miami.  So next time I’m in South Beach I know for a fact I’ll be taken cared of.  And ladies and gents..that is what you call future investment hah hah. Goodnight!


-Kamilla Nicole

The Uncircumcised.

Question, has any girl sucked an uncircumcised dick before?..

I want to hear your stories and experiences with them.  I was a little worried and grossed out about the thought of sucking off a dick with extra skin, but once this guy sent me those dick videos, I found them kind of hot..and I usually don’t share dick pics or dick vids with others but I did show this particular one to my gay best friend..listen I’ve never seen an uncircumcised dick in person so I don’t know how it looks, how it works, fuck I didn’t even know how I would react!  So my gay boyfriend Rodger said “oh he has a bun” I had to ask him what that meant, and he basically broke it down to me and said he has extra skin, a cover up, he is basically uncut.  Little fun facts I’ve learned, so at a flaccid state it is covered up, it’s like a little peek-a-boo, think of a pigs in a blanket, lol. bare with me..I am actually okay with it, I thought I would be petrified being near it but I was totally comfortable with it, is it weird that I liked playing with was kind of like play-doh hah hah lol. I am literally laughing as I write this blog.  Anyway, meet Edward..A future lawyer original from SoCal, Armenian, 26 years old and a Pisces and stands at 6’0.

This man is prompt and on time, 9 o’clock sharp he was at the bar, we met at O Izakaya lounge in Japantown, my new favorite go-to place.  Ordered my hot green tea as he ordered his whiskey, I love it when guys order whiskey or scotch.  He was a good time and funny to talk with, fast forward to my apartment, let’s be real I needed to get a great lay and there was no question I was going to fuck him that night.  Same routine, my move was to put on Netflix and pick the most romantic movie, so tonight we fucked to Ghost.. thanks Patrick Swayze.

I give his kissing skill a solid 5, but his foreplay skill a 10.  I find him enticing, and I was quite excited to see his dick, this is my very first uncircumcised penis!  I love having my firsts, so I hurriedly took of his pants and boxers and laid my lips around the tip of his cock. mmmhhh as I moaned, I circled his cock around my inner lips and licked his shaft with my wet tongue.  He asked to film it, I gave him my consent but only with my own phone.  I let him record for 30 seconds and told him to stop because the light was distracting.  I was ready for him to pound my pussy good, within minutes, with no warning..he came! At first I thought he wanted to soak his dick in me since I wasn’t feeling any penetration for a good 3 seconds then I realized he came too fast.  I felt terrible, maybe he was nervous or was just too excited so I said it’s happens.  We took a breather and watched a little bit of the movie..I noticed his cock was getting harder and I knew he was ready for round two.  This time his kisses were different, it got a whole lot better..he got on top of me and slid my legs on his slide..he kept my thong on and moved it to the side and slapped his dick on my pussy.  I was easily wet and his cock slid in me smoothly.  I thought this was going to be longer but lo and behold, he was ready to cum.  This time at least he told me he was about to cum..he couldn’t hold it longer so he came as fast as a speeding bullet.  He stayed for a while to watch the movie with me, I refused to cuddle and was ready to sleep so he was off to depart.  This was an encounter I rather forget..



-Kamilla Nicole


Someone has popped my vanilla cherry…welcome Mattie, typical white boy from middle america, 31 years old, lives in Mountain View, of course works in tech.  What I like about him is that he is super open about himself and as a sexual being.  I respect guys who have no qualms and just own what ever weird and freaky sexual elements they are into.  Embrace it everyone, some guys like their cums to be gargled, some likes the golden shower..hey whatever you are into fucking own that!  So I’ve learned a lot about him, and to respect the short bonding moment we had I’ll keep a few personal informations to myself..but I was shocked to learn that he was a divorcee and he is still battling with many issues that he has.

Oh, I may add our date night was the first time I found out that my date night place Tortilla Heights was closing! I thought they were only renovating the restaurant but unfortunately they are now closed! The first thing I thought about was, fuck where the hell am I going to have my date nights at now?! routine is basically ruined..but I had a back up, I told him there was this lounge in Japantown that is ultra chic and has become my frequent favorite spot.  As we proceeded to go, this lounge was fucking closed on at that point I decided to head back to my place, as I got into my car Mattie made his little move inside my car.   Someone was a little impatient..

I’ve seen what Mattie has to offer, and it was not disappointing, he has a decent cock and I would have not chosen any other white guy to loose my Vanilla cherry to, his sexual appetite was far from Vanilla I must add.  Abruptly, he flipped on my stomach and kissed the back of my neck as he smoothly caressed my ass..without any warning he tightly slapped my right cheek hard. My body involuntarily  jerked on each slaps that he marked on my butt, it was painful and stung but I was enjoying receiving each hit.  I could see he was enjoying and savoring each strike he gives me.  He took off his pants, straddled me on my chest, and fed me his flawless cock, he tasted so good, he thrusted his dick above me and inside my throat, he fondled my breast and proceeded to play with my clit.  I had a full view of his perfectly shaped asshole, I licked around it and entered a finger in him, he squirmed in pleasure as I continued to suck his cock.  He sat on top of me and slapped his dick on my pussy, he teased around my inner thighs until I begged for him to enter me.

My legs clung on to his back as I bit his shoulder blade and begged him to cum I pushed him off and ripped out the condom and sucked his cock.  I wanted to satisfy him, I gripped his cock with both of my hands and deep throated his perfect cock. He was about to cum, I squeezed the tip of the head with my lips and swallowed his dick in me as he was cumming, I gagged and his juices dripped down to my chin down to my nipples.  He tasted sweet, he continued to moan and growl and scream as he came,  I knew he was beyond satisfied when he mentions that he is cross eyed and sighed in blissful relief.  Mattie, is easily one of my favorite cocks I’ve ever had.  There is always a first…and that night was a good introductory for future white boys.


-Kamilla Nicole