Toma dos’

I wasn’t expecting a round two that night, I heard him shuffling around his room, I opened my eyes and saw him put on chapstick, he came back to bed and I rolled over to hug his arms.  I raised my head to kiss him, and he continually kissed me.  I have to say, he has got to be easy top 3 as my best lay and best kiss.  His kisses weakens me at my knees, his upper lip graces down to bottom lip, I feel his tongue pass my lips, our tongues twisting and playing onto each other, deeper and more passionately, it’s as if I can still feel his soft lips on me, it felt so good.

His nipples were his sensitive spot, I twirled my tongue around his erect nipples, kissing across his manly chest hair, down to his stomach.  I lightly kissed his cock, I put my mouth around his shaft and blew warm air through it, I stroked his cock with my hands, making eye contact.  I lifted his hard cock back to his stomach and licked his balls, and down the middle of his cock.  I stroked my tongue on the tip of his dick and slapped it across my tongue.  My hands are gliding up and down his cock as I gently took his balls in my mouth.  I let him guide my mouth to the rhythm he wanted, I moaned in pleasure and approval.  I was milking his cock with my mouth and tasted his sweet juices down my throat.  He raised my head and kissed me, he bent me over and spanked my vast ass. I laid flat on my stomach, grabbing onto his pillows, he slid his cock between my legs.  I squeezed onto his cock tight every time it entered me, I relished the friction of his veins and thick prick inside my wet pussy.   I was pleased with his speed and taking his time to indulgence me with my own satisfaction.  He was ready to cum, as I was, his warm cum shot inside my surface and my pussy quivering in pleasure still wrapped around his wet cock.






I call him papi, he is jewish-mexican; 5’9 and very good-looking.  Despite of his height, let me tell you that his package is nothing short nor small!  On a flaccid state it’s big, and when it’s hard it is even bigger!  My first night with him was very memorable,  papi was born in August, which makes him a leo daddy, super generous and a very, very giving man ;}.  For our first date, he took me to my favorite restaurant Ristorante Allegria in downtown napa, they have the best pasta dishes and their bread pudding and tiramisu are to die for!  He was so easy to talk to, very funny and he moonlights as a stand-up comedian.  I enjoyed spending time with him, he was talkative and entertaining.  After dinner we went next door for drinks at Andaz hotel, I love Napa so much the ambience and everything about it.  The night was coming to a close and he invited me over to watch a movie, I of course knew exactly what that meant and I was definitely up for a little penetration that evening.

He lives at this victorian house with two other roommates, his room was pleasantly spacious and tidy.  I hopped under the covers and snuggled with him, he leaned over and gently kissed me.  I can still recall his soft lips, one of the best kissers I’ve had.   He knew how to take care of his girl, he grabbed onto my ankles and swayed them to his side and instantly took my panties off.  He kissed me once again, down to my neck, my nipples, and in between my legs.  He slowly teased me, kissing my inner thighs then his vast tongue swept across my wet outer labia.   I slightly moaned, I remembered that he had roommates, be quiet I said to myself.  He mildly nibbled my erect clit, I can feel myself soaking wet with my own juices and his saliva.  He eagerly devoured my little pussy like a ravenous beast.  My body was in convulsion, and I came multiple times, and I was aching to taste him.  I grabbed his head in between my legs and kissed him firmly, I straddled his waist and quickly unbuttoned his pants.  His cock was massive, staring at me, wanting me to consume all of his veiny and throbbing body.  I took a mouthful of his cock, he tasted pleasurable.  I relaxed my throat and took every inch of his cock inside my mouth down to my throat. He was squirming in pleasure and ordered me to ride his cock, I obeyed and entered the tip of his cock first and slowly took in all of his heavy cock.  Our body was in perfect rhythm, his lips pressed hard onto mine, his mouth opened wide asking me to fuel him with my saliva.  I slowly dripped my saliva into his mouth, he was thirsty for me, he kissed me harder his tongue swirled around my mouth similar to his motions in my pussy.   His cock filled my insides as I was hopping in and out of his big cock, the tip of his head was hitting the soft walls of my vagina, I was ready to come, and I knew I was about to cum hard.   Simultaneously we made identical shriek, filled with heavy orgasm as I felt his full load drip down my thighs.  My head settled on his chest, my ears can hear his heart beating, he kissed me on my forehead as my eyes calmly shut.


Lucky number 20.

So I went on my lucky date number 20! My 20th man is super awesome, cool, laid-back, the chillest guy I’ve ever met. Let’s call him Tony, because his real name is one of the fake names I’ve given on my blog. hah!  He is 33 years old, lives in Miami and works as a Chef and he owns a small catering business, totally legit he sent me his website and information first hand.  I usually don’t go on dates the first few days we talk, I give it at least 3 weeks to at least a month, but since he was only visiting for a week, I decided to go out with him. I was having second thoughts, I wasn’t sure if he looked cute or not from his photos.  I literally had to send his profile to five different people to decide, whenever I’m on my period my judgement is a little off so I needed a bunch of second opinions, and thankfully I’m surrounded with the most judgmental girls ever.  Alongside I haven’t been on a date in two weeks, and a real date in over a month, but after talking to my best friend and her pushing me to go out since I have nothing else better to do…so I fucking went, I volunteered to get him since he was just visiting, thankfully he looked so much better in his pictures, the photos made him look older but in person he was very charming and he reminded me of my best friend’s boyfriend.  Typical latin papi, machismo, and I bet he probably has a juicy chorizo.  He wanted to eat italian food, but the only places I knew was around North Beach/Russian hill area and parking is a bitch and I’m not down for that cause.  So I told him about this Cuban Restaurant Cha Cha Cha and he was excited to go.  As usual, I ordered my tea since I’m still not drinking!  First time I was at Cha Cha Cha was with Anthony #2, there’s too many guys named Anthony in my life.  Anyway, I did not let those fond memories cloud my date with Tony. Our conversations I would give a solid 7, it wasn’t terrible but it didn’t flow like the my other guys.  Tony is super chill though and slightly funny.  He is a bit of a hot mess, I could tell that he was a heavy drinker and enjoys going to strip clubs a little too much.  I even told him which strip club to go in the city, lol Centerfolds was pretty fun, me and a group of 7 girls plus my friend’s boyfriend all went for new years eve back in 2009, lol. I can’t even tell you the ratchetry that went on that night.  So back to my date, he asked if I wanted to hit up a bar, I wasn’t feeling it already and was ready to go home but he mentioned that his family was going to take him around the city since he wanted to see Lombard St. too, so I told him that I can drive was pretty cool to see him super excited and everyone knows I’m bad with directions so I feel super proud of myself that I was able to be a little tour guide for the night. Lol don’t judge me, this is very rare!  The night was winding down and it was time for us to go our separate ways, I dropped him off at the hotel, I stayed in my car and gave a friendly hug.  He wanted to hang out again the next day, but since I knew he was leaving Sunday I lied and told him that I won’t be free until Sunday.   He was cool to hang out with for one night but not two nights in a row, besides at least like this I made a new friend, especially one that lives in Miami.  So next time I’m in South Beach I know for a fact I’ll be taken cared of.  And ladies and gents..that is what you call future investment hah hah. Goodnight!


-Kamilla Nicole

D for Delicious Dave

Before going on my drink date my best friend Liz mentioned that I should just enjoy the ride for each of my hook ups. She advised me to let loose, do anything and everything, let it flow, don’t resist, and be a good hoe I know you ought to be! Hard to do when you are caught up with unwanted emotions…

So I welcomed Dave into my apartment. He quickly laid on my bed. I took off my “fuck me” boots very slowly and made him wait for a little bit. As he kissed me I was honestly thinking about Z; it’s the new year and I’m still hung up on this other guy! What the hell is wrong me?… The guys I’ve seen, kissed, dated, hooked up after Z were a blur to me.  Dave was the next guy right after Z and all I wanted him to do was to fuck me unconsciously to forget about my thoughts.

The first time his dick entered me I gasped in anticipation; he occupied my walls really well. The way he was pounding me I could not get enough of.  I liked the way his big hard member was in me.  I enjoyed sucking his lengthy, heavy cock although that night I did not give my all in the blow job department. I’m proud to say I give the best head west of Mississippi. I’m a fucking third degree black belt holder when it comes to going down on my man.  However, Dave only got a taste of my tricks because I was not in a giving mood.  I just wanted him to endlessly pummel me. He pulled me up by my hair and stood behind me. He gently entered me, then he thrusted vigorously; I was bent over on my bed receiving every single heave of his thick cock.  I cried in pure pleasure because he felt so good.  I knew he enjoyed dominating me; being possessed and owned by him turned me on… Each slap on my ass he gave me got me wet.  Then, without his knowledge, Dave fucked me in my favorite position, the “Erotic ‘V’”, although we were deprived of a table.  Dave was strong. He caught me by surprise when he lifted me up and carried me and spun me around.  Each time he uttered “Good Girl!” I became more eager to ride him like an obedient girl. I felt all of his generous extended cock hitting my uterus.  I relished in pleasure and pain. His desire of pleasing me and requesting how he could make me cum was commendable.  But I knew that Z was the only one that could provide my sought out climax.  Dave was amazing but my emotional state of mind was for another man that night.  I was upset with myself since I never let my mood get in the way with sex. Alternating all these men was enjoyable and thrilling in the beginning but I began to wonder if I was getting bored. Am I slowly developing feelings for one of them? This was not ideal.  Dave informed me that he was about to cum and I told him to release it.  I always loved looking at men’s O faces.

Dave remained for a while to talk. As I was listening to him I was still staring at his colossal penis. It was still openly exposed and it was distracting me.  I do love big cocks.  Dave would be a good contender for constant dick but as of now I may have to deal with cleaning up my rotation list.

See you in Paris…

-Kamilla Nicole