I saw Anthony again 4 years later.

I’m reposting the post I made about Anthony years ago! and at the end of it I will indulge you on how our meeting happened 4 years later. lol.



I should really retire this name..

I’ve finally met the lurve of my life, okay granted we spent one whole magical evening together and it was my first time meeting him but I was instantly in lurve!  Looking back at it, I think I will leave it at that..We had the most amazing night and there is really no need to follow up on it or make a second date from it.  I shed a lot of tears from that date and evening.  I haven’t felt like this since Z..but this time I was vulnerable, I let my guard down and did a lot of things that I usually do not EVER do or condone.!

So meet Anthony, 28 an electrician in the city, he works at many construction sites and he lives in San Jose.  He literally looks like a latino wolverine, I was instantly attracted to him..he picked me up and immediately complimented me, telling me how beautiful I am..obviously I ate it all up, what girl doesn’t like to be fed their egos like this..he was quite good with his words.  On the way to our dinner he drove by Dolores Park, I mentioned that it was the only place in the city that I have not been to (fyi Dolores Park is where you basically go to smoke weed or do other drugs) and it is a big enough land to do anything tan etc..so he drove his car through the curb just so that I can see it and take a picture of the view, it was quite romantic…he also didn’t mind me adding himself on Instagram.   So Anthony took me to this Cuban Restaurant Cha Cha Cha in the Mission, there is also one on Haight but most people goes to this location..This date was one of the most amazing dates I’ve ever had.  He was fun I was literally wined and dined and that is my favorite thing ever!

This man earned his golden ticket, he invited himself up and I did not fight him for it, I showed him my apartment and we proceeded to fool around on my couch.  His strong arms manhandled me down and pinned my arms above my head and spread my legs rapidly.  My laced panties were drenched, he played with my clit while kissing my lips, his mouth matched with the rhythms of my tongue.  He guided my hand to his hard cock, I loved the way he tasted, as he was about to put his cock in me I stopped him! “First, I was thinking was he gonna put his cock in me without a condom?! and Secondly, I want to see him again I can’t fuck him on our first date, he won’t be around!” I resisted, instead we stopped and talked for a while..I don’t know what happened but we were suddenly both on my bed, I kept saying no and resisting his arms, he was too strong for me, I didn’t want to have sex with him..but his kisses were poison, I was too weak to decline, at last I grabbed a condom from my collection and as he entered his dick in me, he filled my pussy so well.  Anthony did not fuck me, he made love to me..omg from this time I knew I was in too deep and I need to gather myself because I am about to fall hard for this guy.  He thrusted every inch of his cock and was intensely looking into my eye, I felt bare, it was as if he was looking into my soul.  I closed my eyes, his sweat was dripping on my face and down my chest, our chemistry was intense and raw and carnal. I was enjoying it too much, I loved it too much.  He finally released his juices, I went to the bathroom first to clean up as I was about to sit up, he grabbed me and cuddled with me. “Here I go again! breaking my rules, no cuddling Kamilla!” We talked about his upbringing, his exes, his family, his future, and his dreams, my head was on top of his chest, I could hear his heart beating so fast…At this point, I am petrified. Am I developing feelings already? FUCK!..He stayed and sleptover, yes another rule I broke..I don’t usually do sleepovers but I let him stay the night.

As I turned around to my other side, he grabbed on to me and would not let go of me, we held hands throughout the night I could feel his dick touching my ass.  A few hours later I woke up, it was 2am..I tried to sneak off to the bathroom but he woke up and hugged me tightly, he leaned down to kiss me, oh my..I felt his prick harden..I could hear him say “Is this what you like Kam?” Oh my it is! I was so horny for him, I tried not to scream or make any sounds as he fucked my pussy so good, it was late I had to be silent.  I did one thing that I said I would never do..I had sex with him without a condom..so stupid, I am so stupid..I let my guard down, and I let him fuck me. But his dick was perfect for my pussy, he slid in his cock in and out, Anthony stroked my hair away from my face and kissed me, he was about to cum and pulled out his dick and released his warm juiced all over my stomach, his cum was warm and I lathered it around my body, he fingered me to cum, I can feel his own juices on his fingers as he penetrated me.  He was a gentle lover, he was my future boyfriend in my head..fuck I like him too much. Fuck. I do like him.

We slept through the night..he left early in the morning, we said our goodbye kisses..this was a good birthday present for myself, for the first time in my life I did not want this man to go. I held on longer. Don’t leave. I want you to stay.


-Kamilla Nicole.


Fast forward to present time 2k17.

My old job had me traveling alot, mostly to local areas.  My boss at the time fired the whole team at one of our location in Silicon Valley, she needed me to stay overnight and booked me a hotel in the area.  I finished closing early and had a little time to roam around, prior to this day Anthony has been reaching out to me the last 3 weeks.  He has been following me on snapchat, watching my snap, messaging me on snap and texting me too.  By the way he is also now a father, notice how I did not address him as daddy. lol.  Anthony is also in a relationship with the mother of his child, he says that they are in an open relationship.  At this point I was just having fun and being carefree so I was also very responsive with him.  The time that I was in town, he kept pressing on meeting with me so the curious side of me did want to see him and to catch up.  Thankfully, I always have my ratchet bag in my car in case of emergencies like this.  I put on black-laced shorts, a baggy sweater and platform and sally hansen-ed the fuck of my legs, did not shave my pussy because I knew I wasn’t going to fuck him.  Before I forget to mention this was also the same night Trump won the election. So, He picked me up with the same car he picked me up on 4 years ago, as I entered the car I gave him a hug.  I noticed that he looked a little older and a little more ran down.  He definitely looked like a dad.  I was worried that old feelings and excitement would cloud my judgement, but seeing him again gave me good closure that I didn’t think I needed.  I can honestly say that I dodged a bullet, I now understand when people say it is just not meant to be and he is just not yours.  The first time I saw him I thought I was inlove, my head was in cloud nine… I was so into him, now looking at him and hearing about his current life and his state of mind when I first met him, I am so glad that God and the sex gods made sure that we did not end up together.  He brought me to a local bar, and there we talked he kept his hands to himself most of the time, he had his palm at my back or my lap during the time we were together.  It was getting late and I still had to work the next day so I asked him to drive me back to the hotel, I definitely think he thought he was about to get laid.  He seemed very disappointed when I did not invite him back to my room, I wanted to just give him a small kiss on the cheek, but he grabbed my face and we just started to makeout.  I pulled away within a few seconds because I didn’t want to give him any idea, when I felt his fingers in between my legs that was my signal to pull away.  “Oh, so just like that huh?” he said. “Yes just like that tony, goodnight.” I responded.





Persian Lord came and conquered.

R is back after Anthony flaked on me..thank goodness I have back-ups.  Ladies, word of advice make sure you always have someone as a back-up just incase your main man cancels on you.  Yes you have my full support of having sidepieces, in fact I suggest everyone to have 3-4 on your rotation..that has always been the motto since  moving up here, my rotation is always new and current and consist of a 1-2 month cycle, I do need to expand since all of them have been casual hook-up and I don’t usually steadily or consecutively date any of them.  That is just plain trouble I am telling you.

So I texted R to see if he wanted to come over, few minutes later he was on his way..I put on a movie on Netflix, as he caressed my hair and quickly kissed me.  I don’t know what it is with persian guys but they just know what to do with their lips and tongue, his kisses were aggressive yet gentle, generally speaking all of the persian guys that I’ve kissed had same similarities, and they are amazing! I high recommend all of you to makeout with a hot persian man.  Speaking of, he then took of his shirt, he was toned and muscular, R was not as tall as the others guy I’ve been with, nor was his dick can compare to other guy’s cock..but he sure knows how to finger his way to my pussy.  It is hard to make me climax, I’ve climaxed once with oral, and sometimes with dick penetration but for the most part, I love to get finger banged.  The way guys massage my clit and pussy just feels amazing, I can get finger fucked like this for hours..oh my.  He licked my nipples and roughly bit them. They hurt so good, I wanted him to both stop and continue as he sucked on my breast and bite on them.  Fuck. I wanted his dick in me, he teased me with his hard member..his two fingers circled around my clit and massaged around my pussy lips, he slipped his finger in me, he motion ‘the come hither’ movement, I bit my lips in ecstasy, I couldn’t take his teasing any longer, I told him to fuck me!  He turned me over and entered me from the back, he slapped my ass hard as he thrusted his dick..I screamed in blissful delight, each slap he made on my ass echoed around my apartment walls.  I love the sounds it made, slap me harder I commanded.  Shit! I love it when guys are rough with me. I laid down on my side and he slipped behind me in a spooning position, he lifted my right ass cheeks and entered his hard dick in my tight little pussy, mmmhh..he fucked me hard as we both laid down next to each other.  I looked back at him, kissing him, moaning with pleasure.  He came as he fucked me with my legs over his chiseled shoulder.


We were both out of breath laying next to one another, he extended his arm to hug me, he was another one that wants to cuddle..  His body was warm and I could feel his warm breath on my forehead…R and I laid quietly for a while, he caressed my back and grabbed my ass, he kissed me and I knew what this meant. He was ready for round two..He loves fucking me from the back..I turned around every so often to taste his soft lips, his fingers playing with my clit, he pulled out and began to finger me..he was on a mission, and tonight he wanted to me to cum, and to cum hard.  His fingers rubbed on my wet pussy for a long time, my body was quivering, the build up was so intense but I couldn’t orgasm, he hands and arms were to strong to defy them..I held on to his arm as he fingered me..I couldn’t take it anymore, I knew I couldn’t come but as my climax build up  intensified, so did my body stiffness..I don’t know why I couldn’t release and climax. However, R was patient and was a good lover, he is one of my favorite guys, and his dick is perfect .  He knew I did not do sleepovers, but I did let him stay longer than usual..he was a good company.


-Kamilla Nicole

Ed the pornstar.


You read that right, I went on an evening hiking date with a guy that was in a few porn film. Yes, go ahead and pick up that jaw your dropped..Let me start of by saying, there was no way I was going to have sex with this guy.  Listen, I am very confident with my skills and what I have to offer along with my sex value, but let’s be real, it is not at a pornstar level…just yet! I was too intimidated, but he would probably the best one to hone my skills, I mean who better to tell me what to do and what I can improve..right? Ed was a tad bit short too, but he seems cool so I let him take me out, he picked me up at the douchiest car ever..he drives a two-seater bmw, I hate the sounds that sports car make with their engine, I get super embarrassed when guys do that to their cars. ugh! Anyway, I wasn’t aware that we would have to hike up this hill in order to see the city view that he has been telling me.  I of course wore one of my freakum dress and my black 4inch hell boots.  Boy! warn me next time.  So he took me up the hill, I was fucking out of breath and he was too because he was worried that I would fall on my ass and was extremely worried, so I thought that was cute of him, we stayed for a bit.. it was too windy so we wrapped up and he drove me back home, we talked at my building’s parking lot and we shared a few tinder stories, Ed was like a homie, I could so see me and him hanging out but just as friends..oh btw he was trying to give me a back massage up on the hill and I had a feeling he was trying to make a move but couldn’t execute it..whoops. Anyway, he is amazing and fun and super nice but the sexual chemistry just was not there.  Oh well, if I was another girl I would definitely suck his dick and his perfectly sized balls.  Ladies, message me if you want to take a ride on Ed mobile ;]


-Kamilla Nicole

My very own Persian lord.

Let’s call my next persian lover R. R is 26, has his masters in electrical engineering or something along those lines, graduated from USC and his family is also from SoCal and currently works for a construction company in Walnut Creek.  We’ve talked for a month before actually meeting each other, I believe I cancelled on this guy numerous of times and I could tell he pretty much gave up on me.  Two weeks before my birthday I had a clear schedule and decided to reach out to him and ask him for drinks.  As you all know I have my first date routine, same restaurant/same bar.  He lives near me so we met near my neighborhood and walked together to Tortilla Heights.  He stands at 5’8, I was expecting him to be a little taller, but overall I liked his look.  Typical persian guy, and just how I enjoy them :]  R does not drink just like the last few guys I’ve been with, do guys not drink anymore?!  Anyway, he does smoke cigarettes, hookah, and weed.  I personally don’t care what the guys do and R is pretty fun to talk with.  As the night came to a close, he asked to walk me home so I obliged naturally.  I invited him up for a ‘nightcap’, okay, alright you may all be thinking that we banged that night.  However, you may all be proud to know that I indeed closed my legs, well kinda. I let him slip a little finger here and there and did a little middle school dry humping..it was a good time don’t judge!  I actually liked him, and from what I recall ‘Do not sleep with him on a first date/initial meeting’ if you want him to be around for a long haul.  I’m still not quite sure about that advice…so we just fooled around and I let him go home with blue balls. ;p


-Kamilla Nicole