I call him papi, he is jewish-mexican; 5’9 and very good-looking.  Despite of his height, let me tell you that his package is nothing short nor small!  On a flaccid state it’s big, and when it’s hard it is even bigger!  My first night with him was very memorable,  papi was born in August, which makes him a leo daddy, super generous and a very, very giving man ;}.  For our first date, he took me to my favorite restaurant Ristorante Allegria in downtown napa, they have the best pasta dishes and their bread pudding and tiramisu are to die for!  He was so easy to talk to, very funny and he moonlights as a stand-up comedian.  I enjoyed spending time with him, he was talkative and entertaining.  After dinner we went next door for drinks at Andaz hotel, I love Napa so much the ambience and everything about it.  The night was coming to a close and he invited me over to watch a movie, I of course knew exactly what that meant and I was definitely up for a little penetration that evening.

He lives at this victorian house with two other roommates, his room was pleasantly spacious and tidy.  I hopped under the covers and snuggled with him, he leaned over and gently kissed me.  I can still recall his soft lips, one of the best kissers I’ve had.   He knew how to take care of his girl, he grabbed onto my ankles and swayed them to his side and instantly took my panties off.  He kissed me once again, down to my neck, my nipples, and in between my legs.  He slowly teased me, kissing my inner thighs then his vast tongue swept across my wet outer labia.   I slightly moaned, I remembered that he had roommates, be quiet I said to myself.  He mildly nibbled my erect clit, I can feel myself soaking wet with my own juices and his saliva.  He eagerly devoured my little pussy like a ravenous beast.  My body was in convulsion, and I came multiple times, and I was aching to taste him.  I grabbed his head in between my legs and kissed him firmly, I straddled his waist and quickly unbuttoned his pants.  His cock was massive, staring at me, wanting me to consume all of his veiny and throbbing body.  I took a mouthful of his cock, he tasted pleasurable.  I relaxed my throat and took every inch of his cock inside my mouth down to my throat. He was squirming in pleasure and ordered me to ride his cock, I obeyed and entered the tip of his cock first and slowly took in all of his heavy cock.  Our body was in perfect rhythm, his lips pressed hard onto mine, his mouth opened wide asking me to fuel him with my saliva.  I slowly dripped my saliva into his mouth, he was thirsty for me, he kissed me harder his tongue swirled around my mouth similar to his motions in my pussy.   His cock filled my insides as I was hopping in and out of his big cock, the tip of his head was hitting the soft walls of my vagina, I was ready to come, and I knew I was about to cum hard.   Simultaneously we made identical shriek, filled with heavy orgasm as I felt his full load drip down my thighs.  My head settled on his chest, my ears can hear his heart beating, he kissed me on my forehead as my eyes calmly shut.



Missed me?

Hello to my beautiful and lustful readers.  I have been absent for awhile and have not participated on any dates since Valentine’s Day because I was too well fed with the D.  Yes! that is right! I was having too much sex and nothing could turn me on…so I’ve decided to hold out for a while, it has been a good 2 1/2 weeks of good penetration.  Perhaps on my next rendezvous, my orgasm will be even more intense!

In all seriousness, I’ve been consumed with’s finals season and as I attend a famed fashion school, I unfortunately have three weeks of finals; exams, projects, and presentations!  At the end of all of this I’m pretty sure I deserve a good thrust against the wall.  Fuck me here, Fuck me there, Fuck me like this..blah blah blah.  Every time I finish my homework all I envision is a massive firm cock about to enter me in pleasure.  ahhhh.  it feels like eternity since I felt a hard solid dick hitting my pretty face.

Since I have a fetish with latino lovers, I enjoy listening to them speak to me in Spanish and telling me sweet nothings.  I myself learned something dirty to say in spanish! “tu pito jugoso llema mi chocha apretadita’ which translates “your big juicy cock fills my tight pussy.”  Every thing sounds hot in a foreign language.  So I think it’ll be a while since my next date night.  But do not worry because I still sext with these side hoes and there are still a lot of things to share. 😉